Oversize / Overweight Load Move


How to Obtain a City Engineering Oversize / Overweight Load Move Permit


Please complete the application and submit it to the online Oversize/Overweight/Heavy Hauler link 


  • Include your traffic route, dimensions of your load, vehicle VIN/Plate information, company name and address, email address, phone number, etc. when you submit your application. 



  •  1-WAY: $200 
  •  2-WAY [ROUND TRIP]:  $400 
  • VEHICLE REGISTRATION: $20 Per Vehicle  

Uniform Surety Bond


Uniform Surety Bond Notice


The contractor will need to obtain a $ 1,500.00 Uniform Surety Bond from their insurance company.

  • The occupation is "Hauler of Extraordinary Loads" (line 5).
  • The Building Code is “Chapter 46, 2019 Detroit City Code” (line 6).


Please have your insurance company fill out the Uniform Surety Bond Application.

  • The expiration date on the Bond should expire on December 31st (line 8).


After the form has been filled out (including lines 9 thru 20), please submit your Uniform Surety Bond and ‘Power of Attorney’ through the link below:

You can submit your Uniform Surety Bond Application through the link below:


[Select 642-option on the form.]


Mapping Resources

SEMCOG Road Jurisdiction Map

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