Traffic Calming

Request speed-humps for your street.

What is a speed hump?

Speed humps are rounded raised areas of asphalt or prefabricated rubber constructed across the roadway width.

Why install speed humps?

Speed humps are designed to reduce vehicular speed on residential local streets that have a single travel lane in each direction.

What are the advantages of speed humps?

  • Speed humps are an effective tool in reducing speeds.
  • Most drivers will slow down to avoid jarring their vehicle or choose another route.
  • Installation does not require the removal of parking spaces.

How does the City of Detroit choose where to install speed humps?

Working with City Council and The Department of Neighborhoods district Managers, traffic engineers evaluate suggested locations based on the following criteria and engineering judgement:

  • Residential streets with a speed limit of 25 MPH
  • Priority to streets adjacent to active schools and parks
  • Daily traffic volumes between 200-4000 vehicles
  • DPD records of speeding and vehicle crashes
  • Street used as a known "cut through" for a major road
  • Support of the residents on the block