Street Paving and Resurfacing

Street paving and resurfacing consists of five main tasks:

  1. Removal of the old surface of the road;
  2. Performing base repairs as needed; 
  3. Applying a leveling course;
  4. Adjusting structures (catch basins, manholes, etc.), fixing damaged curbs;
  5. Applying the wearing course (top course).


This process can take several weeks to complete with as much as two weeks between each task. Following the road work, sidewalks and curbs may be repaired. Only those sidewalks and curb that meet certain criteria will be replaced. To request that a street be evaluated for resurfacing, please contact DPW Street Maintenance (313) 224-0033.


Resurfacing Request Form


2021 Street Paving and Resurfacing Program
major roads paving 2


2021 Class C Residential Resurfacing


Class C Residential Resurfacing


Class C Residential Resurfacing 2


2021 Residential Resurfacing


District 1
District 1 Residential Resurfacing


District 1 Residential Resurfacing 2
District 2 
District 2 Residential Resurfacing


District 3 
district 3 residential resurfacing
District 4  
district 4 residential resurfacing
district 4 residential resurfacing 2
District 5
District 5 residential resurfacing


 District 6 
District 6 residential resurfacing
District 7 
District 7 residential resurfacing