Streets for People

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The City of Detroit is developing Streets for People, a transportation plan with a singular focus — to make it easier and safer for all Detroiters to move around the city. The plan seeks to knit together diverse neighborhoods, prioritize safety of the most vulnerable road users, and identify clear implementation and design strategies for roadways improvement. Most importantly, it will be rooted in an inclusive planning process that gives a voice to the City’s residents who are most implicated by the transportation system. The plan will be completed over the next two years by the Department of Public Works in partnership with MDOT, SEMCOG, city departments, and partner agencies.


Streets for People is rooted in five values: 

  1. SAFETY FIRST Streets should be safe for all Detroiters - no more crashes, no more deaths.
  2. EQUITY, DIGNITY, AND TRANSPARENCY Detroiters, these are YOUR streets - help us make them work best for you. 
  3. ACCESS FOR ALL All Detroiters should be able to easily move around the city, no matter their age or ability. 
  4. ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITY Improve access to jobs and support neighborhoods by designing better streets and mobility options. 
  5. PUBLIC HEALTH Better mobility options can improve the health of Detroiters and reduce pollution. 



 Here is an example:












SFP - bus












We are interested in learning more from you about how we could improve Detroit’s streets. Got an idea? Reach out to us by phone, email, or submit your thoughts to Erika Linenfelser at [email protected]

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