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BSEED Permit Ordinance Changes

Ordinance Changes in Permit Process

In accordance with an amendment to Chapter 9, Article 1 of the 1984 Detroit City Code, persons, organizations and companies who are delinquent in blight violation fines, fees or costs imposed by the Department of Appeals and Hearings will no longer be eligible to apply and obtain a building permit, a certificate of use and occupancy or a variance without obtaining blight clearance from the Department of Appeals and Hearings (DAH).

Effective immediately, all applications for permits, certificates of occupancies and compliance must be accompanied by a DAH clearance, obtainable from Room 1004 CAYMC, 2 Woodward Avenue prior to processing at the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department. We regret any inconveniences this may impose on the application process.


Determine if your property has any outstanding unpaid judgments with the Department of Appeals and Hearings

You may also submit your completed Blight Clearance Application to the DAH via email.