Building License Information

Trade Examinations for Licensing
The building's division offers examinations to qualify contractors for licenses for the following trades. These licenses are required to perform work in the City of Detroit. Examinations are conducted for the following:

  • Awning Erector
  • Sign Erector
  • Steeplejack
  • Welder
  • Window Washer
  • Wrecking - Demolition

Applicants for examination must call the Buildings Division to set an appointment to take any examination referenced above. Testing material is based on the following codes or standards:
Awning/Canopy Erector

  • Detroit Zoning Code, Chapter 61, Detroit City Code
  • Michigan Building Code

Sign Erector/Steeplejack/Window Washer

  • Detroit Zoning Code, Chapter 61, Detroit City Code
  • Michigan Industrial Occupational Safety and Health
  • Michigan Building Code

Wrecking – Demolition

  • Ordinance 290-H; Administrative Rules for Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department


  • ANSI Z249.1:2005
  • Department of Labor, MIOSHA, Part 12 Welding & Cutting
  • Performance test to be performed offsite and results provided to department.

Note: Ordinances can also be obtained at the Detroit City Clerk's Office located in Room 200, Coleman A. Young Municipal Center.



Trade Licensing and Testing


 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., weekdays.


Glenn Davis  313.224.9102

[email protected]


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