Food Safety Plan Review

A plan review is needed when constructing a new food establishment, remodeling an existing food establishment, or opening a new mobile food establishment. Construction may not begin until approval is granted. The Detroit Health Department has the authority to issue a stop work order and penalty fees if construction begins before plans are approved.

Please visit the City of Detroit’s Buildings, Safety, Engineering, and Environmental Department’s (BSEED)website for additional requirements for other city departments.

Plans can be submitted to the Health Department in person, via mail, or through the BSEED ePLANS web portal. If you wish to submit through ePLANS, the Health Department materials should be uploaded into the folder labeled ‘Health’. Please reference the ePLANS identifier number on your application. Fees for plans submitted through ePLANS must be paid directly to the Health Department **

**Notice: Your Health Plan Review will not begin until all the required documents are submitted and the plan review fee(s) are paid in full. The Detroit Health Department accepts business checks, cashier’s checks, or money orders made payable to The City of Detroit. Or, you may pay using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover) by calling Food Safety Customer Service (313) 876-0135.

Plan review process

  1. Applicant submits the plan review packet with all necessary documents and fees to the Detroit Health Department. Please view the relevant plan review packet to see required documents. The plan review manual will offer guidance when completing the plan review forms. Note: The plan review documents were updated mid-2019 – Please use the versions linked here, and not older copies you might have. 
    1. Fixed establishment plan review packet
    2. Fixed establishment plan review manual
    3. Mobile/STFU plan review packet
    4. Mobile/STFU plan review manual
    5. Standard operating procedures manual
  2. Plans are reviewed in the order they are received. Public Act 92 of the Michigan Food Law allows the Detroit Health Department up to 30 business days to review the submitted plans and provide a response.
  3. If needed, the plan reviewer will send a letter to the applicant requesting additional information. It is the responsibility of the applicant to submit the requested corrections or documentation in a timely manner so that review of the project may continue. 
  4. Once the review is complete, an approval letter granting permission to begin construction of the food establishment will be sent. This approval expires one year from the date of issue. Please contact the Detroit Health Department if more than one year is needed, otherwise the file may be closed and new fees and plans may be needed. Approval does not negate the applicant’s responsibility to obtain all necessary permits and approvals from other agencies including the Building Safety Engineering and Environment Department (BSEED). 
  5. Construction begins. The facility must conform to the latest set of approved plans. Any changes to plans or specifications must be submitted to the Detroit Health Department for written approval. Alterations to approved plans may require a revision fee.
  6. Once construction is complete, the applicant will submit the food service license application and fee if not already completed, and schedule the pre-opening inspection with the plan reviewer. Please contact the Detroit Health Department at least 5 business days in advance of the desired inspection date.
  7. The pre-opening inspection will verify that the facility was constructed according to the approved plans and that the facility conforms to the Michigan Food Law and Modified Food Code. Two pre-opening inspections are included in the plan review fee. Additional inspection(s) will incur a fee of $575. 
  8. Approval to begin operation is granted during the pre-opening inspection. Approval does not negate the applicant’s responsibility to obtain all necessary permits and approvals from other agencies.