Food Safety

The Detroit Health Department food safety unit licenses and inspects over 1,900 food establishments. The goal of these inspections is to prevent foodborne illness and ensure that safe food is being served to the public.



To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and to protect the health of our residents and city employees, the Detroit Health Department has implemented some changes.  Our office is operating, answering calls and emails and conducting business remotely. In addition to these activities, the focus has shifted to include coronavirus safety procedures with our establishments. Inspectors are reaching out directly with owners and operators to address any questions or concerns.

All service requests should be directed to (313) 876-0135 or [email protected] 
You may also contact your assigned health inspector with questions. 


PLEASE NOTE: Per Detroit Health Department policy, Food Safety and Environmental Health inspectors should not be offered, nor should they request any form of goods (including water, food, money, etc.) or services in the course of performing their inspection duties at your establishment. It is illegal to offer an inspector any item of value in exchange for favorable inspection report/outcome, and any offer of goods or services will be reported to senior department leadership.