Waterbody Barrier (Seawall) Registration

The purpose of the Waterbody Barrier ordinance is to enhance the health, safety, and general welfare of the public and protect our natural resources by requiring property owners to obtain and maintain a Certificate of Registration of Waterbody Barrier. These regulations facilitate preventative maintenance planning and regular inspections to reduce the occurrence of waterbody barrier compromise or failure, as well as protocols to guide appropriate emergency response activities. Identifying waterbody barriers and monitoring their structural integrity to identify potential issues prior to catastrophic failures will protect the health and safety of the public, reduce negative impacts on the environment, and preserve the stability of our drinking water supply.

For the complete Waterbody Barrier Registration Process, click HERE

Registration Process Information

You MUST have the following Documents and information before beginning the Waterbody Barrier registration.

  • Wayne County Registered Deed
  • Seawall Report
  • Emergency Contact information (other than Owner)


Steps to Create eLAPS Account

Step 1. Access eLAPS here 

Step 2. Select New Users: Register for an Account

Step 3. Follow the on-screen instructions to create an account


Steps to Obtain Waterbody (Seawall) Registration

Step 1. After logging into eLAPS account, select the Code Enforcement tab

Step 2. Accept the website terms

Step 3. Expand the Property Maintenance category then select Waterbody Barrier Registration

  • Upload Wayne County Registered Deed

Step 4. Schedule an inspection with state licensed engineer

Step 5. Make recommended repairs per Seawall Report

Step 6. Schedule a reinspection with state licensed engineer

Step 7. Upload approved report provided by state licensed engineer to elaps account

  • Upload Seawall Report
  • Upload Geotechnical Report (required if storing outside aggravate material)

Step 8. An Exterior inspection shall be scheduled and performed

Step 9. Submitted documents will be reviewed

  • Pass: Inspection and documents, a Waterbody Registration will be issued via mail
  • Fail: Inspection and/or documents, a letter of rejection will be issued via mail

Step 10. Pay ALL fees HERE 

Step 11. Contact Property Maintenance (313) 628-2451 if additional information is needed