Elevator Contractor Checklist

Step 1:

This document will guide you on how to complete the Elevator Contractor License application accurately to ensure approval in a timely manner.
Step 2:

 from website or pick up application/s at the City of Detroit Elevator Division office. Complete application with all required information.  Applicant must have a current and valid Elevator Contractor License before he/she can apply for Renewal/Registration with City of Detroit. 
Step 3:
Submit application with proper documentation and fees. Documentation required:
Registration: Drivers License, Copy of current Elevator Contractor's license
Renewal: Drivers License, Copy of current Elevator Contractor's license 
Note: Make checks payable to: Treasury City of Detroit

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Step 4: 
Application is processed.
Step 5:
If application is not approved due to discrepancy, applicant will be asked to rectify errors and resubmit.
Step 6:
License is Registered or Renewed.