Quality and Accreditation

Quality and Accreditation supports the Detroit Health Department’s activities related to quality improvement, quality assurance, compliance and auditing, performance management, and accreditation readiness related activities as they relate to:

  1. Improving DHD ability to address both state and Public Health Accreditation Board (PHAB) accreditation standards
  2. Improving public health processes, programs, services and outcomes

Quality and Accreditation conducts research, analysis, and project management for the purpose of assessment, planning, development, and implementation of department process improvement activities. The Office serves as the subject matter expert on operational data, Michigan and National Accreditation, and quality improvement activities. Core support activities include technical writing, data analysis, project management, workgroup facilitation, process development and documentation, and research.

10 Essential Public Health Services

Source: Centers for Disease Control


Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation

Michigan Local Health Departments are mandated to participate in Michigan Local Public Health Accreditation program. The mission of the accreditation program is to assure and enhance the quality of local public health in Michigan. The Program does this by identifying and promoting the implementation of public health standards for local public health (LPH) and evaluating and accrediting on their ability to meet these standards. The program's goals are to:

  • assist in continuous quality improvement;
  • assure a uniform set of standards that define public health;
  • assure a process by which the state can ensure local level capacity to address core functions; and
  • provide a mechanism for accountability.

The Detroit Health Department received its certificate of Local Health Accreditation in 2017 for the 3 year cycle. DHD participated in the Cycle 7 in 2019.