Data Planning and Evaluation

The Data, Planning & Evaluation team leads the collection, analysis and reporting of information to improve the health of Detroiters. By gathering reported health statistics, collecting original data through qualitative and quantitative techniques, and thoughtfully combining data from multiple sources, we create high-quality evidence to be shared with city residents. Through the design of rigorous evaluation and assessments, we provide the Department with evidence of program effectiveness and opportunities for improvement.

Our team has expertise in epidemiology, city and regional planning, environmental health, policy analysis and program evaluation. Through the perspective of these different disciplines, we take a broad view of the social determinants of health and illness, and we seek to identify progressive solutions to the public health challenges of the City.    



Data, Planning & Evaluation also coordinates the Department’s community health improvement process. Using the Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnership (MAPP) framework, we are working to develop a community-led assessment of the City’s vision for health; its community themes, strengths and priorities; its local public health system capacity; and the forces that affect change in the community. The assessment will culminate in a community health improvement plan that will reflect Detroiters’ shared vision and priorities.