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SisterFriends Detroit is a grassroots community volunteer movement that helps moms gain access to over 100 programs and resources in Detroit. Our mission is to focus on maternal child health and infant mortality reduction. SisterFriends Detroit aims to build a community of support for our pregnant mothers, we believe we can work to improve birth outcomes and infant mortality in the Detroit.

SisterFriends Detroit is Seeking Ways to Expand its Mentoring Program

If you’re interested in starting a Kitchen Table Project with SisterFriends Detroit, please call 313-961-BABY. Kitchen Tables are community led projects created to expand the SisterFriends Detroit model with the goal of connecting caring and compassionate mentors to pregnant women who live in Detroit.

Our Mission

SisterFriends Detroit is a volunteer effort to support healthier moms and babies. SisterFriends Detroit provides support to pregnant moms and their families until their baby's first birthday. SisterFriends Detroit is a community movements to create a circle of care around Detroit families.

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