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City Employee Information

City Employee Info


City Employee Benefits Summary
The City of Detroit offers a competitive and comprehensive employee benefit package. We pride ourselves on the longevity of our employees.  Part of the reason for the low turnover rate is the exceptional benefit package listed below.  Benefits include, but are not limited to the following:

Eligible for hospital, surgical, and prescription drug benefits after ninety (90) days of employment. Some employees enroll after 30 days depending on the bargaining unit. 

     Payer Transparency Machine-readable Files


Eligible for dental care after sixth (6) months of employment.

Eligible for eye care after six (6)months of employment.  

Life Insurance
Optional group insurance available to employee and their family.  The City pays 60% of premium for first $12,500 of employee life insurance.  Employee may purchase, at own expense, life insurance for spouse and each dependent.  

Long-Term Disability Insurance (Income Protection Plan)
The City offers disability insurance through payroll deductions for persons who become disabled and who are not yet eligible for a service retirement.


 New Year’s Day
 Martin Luther King’s Birthday
 Good Friday
 Memorial Day
 Independence Day
 Labor Day
 Veterans Day
 Thanksgiving Day
 Day after Thanksgiving
 Christmas Eve
 Christmas Day
 New Year’s Eve

Sick Leave
City employees accrue sick leave based on the number of regular hours worked.  Full time employees earn ninety-six (96) hours of sick leave per year.  You may carry over your unused sick leave. Effective July 7, 2012 maximum accumulation is 300 hours.

Other Leave Policies
The City also has the following paid and unpaid leaves; funeral leave, Family and Medical Leave, jury duty, military duty leave, unpaid personal leave,


City Employee Retirement Plans


After-tax annuity plan 

Click rscd.org for more information

(800) 339-8344


Deferred Compensation 457(b) Plan

The City of Detroit is pleased to offer you the City of Detroit 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plan. This retirement plan is to help you save and invest for retirement. See the list below to contact the appropriate financial institutite representative for more information.

Financial Institutions 


Financial Institutions for the Plan - Contact List

Institutions   Representatives Contact Information
Equitable / AKA Equitable Representatives
Michael Johnson and G. Alawan

(248) 731-7600,(313) 506-0456
(800) 628-6673
Empower / MassMutual Representatives from RPA and New ERA
RPA- Randy Nelson, Eric Mitchell, Jamilah Brown
New ERA- Rico Camenrone, Justyn Day, Robin Spencer
RPA - (734) 421-2212
NEW ERA - (248) 352-1951
(800) 528-9009
Vanguard Representatives
Vanguard Representative - Bill Gruccio
(610) 669-4002
(800) 584-6001
Voya Representatives: Police and Fire Only
Justin Diesbourg
(248) 554-4805
(800) 584-6001




2024 Open Enrollment will begin October 24, 2023 - November 9, 2023

Benefits are effective January 1, 2024 - December 31, 2024



Medical Plans
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Community Blue PPO 1-877-354-2583 www.bcbsm.com
BCBSM 24-hour Nurse Line 1-800-775-2583 www.bcbsm.com
Health Alliance Plan (HAP) 1-313-872-8100
PCP Focus (Blue Care Network) 1-800-662-6667 www.bcbsm.com
CVS Caremark 1-855-467-8417 www.caremark.com
Dental Plans
Blue Cross/Blue Shield  1-800-951-2583 www.bcbsm.com/bluedental
Dencap Dental Plans 1-313-972-1400  www.dencap.com/cityofdetroit
Golden Dental Plans 1-800-451-5918  www.goldendentalplans.com
HRA/Flexible Spending Account Administrator
Flex Plan Services 1-800-669-FLEX www.flex-plan.com
Vision Plans
Heritage Vision Plans 1-800-252-2053 www.heritagevisionplans.com


2024 Health Care Contributions

BCBSM COMMUNITY BLUE (PPO) *  Total Monthly Premium   City Pays Monthly   Employee Pays Monthly   Employee Bi-Weekly
SINGLE $735.92 $588.74 $147.18 $67.93
2 PERSON $1,545.46 $1,26.37 $309.09 $142.66
FAMILY $2,060.59 $1,648.48 $412.11 $190.20
HEALTH ALLIANCE PLAN (HMO) * Total Monthly Premium City Pays Monthly  Employee Pays Monthly  Employee Bi-Weekly
SINGLE $833.15 $666.52 $166.63 $76.91
2-PERSON $1,749.61 $1,399.69 $349.92 $161.50
FAMILY $2,332.81 $1,866.25 $466.56 $215.34
BCN PCP FOCUS (HMO) * Total Monthly Premium  City Pays Monthly  Employee Pays Monthly  Employee Bi-Weekly
SINGLE $384.23 $370.95 $13.28 $6.13
2-PERSON $922.14


$27.99 $12.92
FAMILY $1,152.67 $1,115.35 $37.32 $17.22

Note: Qualified dependents may obtain coverage through age 26 on medical plans.

*Newly Hired Employees who fail to elect their benefit plans during the New Hire enrollment period, will be place in the  default plan (Community Blue or BCN Healthy Blue Living) based on your bargaining unit. They will also have with single coverage. There will be no coverage for all other available benefits offerings.


DENTAL Single, 2-Person Or Family  Total Monthly Premium  City Pays Monthly Employee Pays Monthly  Employee Bi-Weekly
BCBSM DENTAL All Coverage Plans $45.36 $36.29 $9.07


BLUE CROSS DENTAL  ENHANCED PLAN $76.67 $36.29 $40.38 $18.64
DENCAP DENTAL- OPTION 1 $40.58 $32.46 $8.12 $3.75
DENCAP OPTION II (Formally Golden) $43.00 $31.20 $11.80 $5.45


Note: Qualified dependents may obtain coverage through age 25.


HERITAGE VISION Single, 2-Person Or Family  Total Monthly Premium      City Pays Monthly  Employee Pays Monthly   Employee Bi-Weekly
BASIC $5.55 $4.44 $1.11 $0.51
ENHANCED $18.11 $4.44 $13.67 $6.31
 PREMIER $29.28 $4.44 $24.84 $11.46

Note: The Heritage Vision plan requires a two-year enrollment.


MetLife Total Monthly Premium      City Pays Monthly  Employee Pays Monthly   Employee Bi-Weekly
BASIC Life $6.89 $4.13 $2.76 $1.27
Dependent Life $1.69 $- $1.69 $0.78


Note:  Effective January 1, 2018, you will no longer need to provide full-time student verification or tax transcripts for dependents over 19 years of age. Dependents are eligible for coverage up to 26 years of age.



 On Behalf of the City of Detroit, we would like to express our condolences on your loss. This information will provide you with the benefits that are provided to Police/Fire employees upon death in the line of duty. Each section has the necessary documents you will need to submit a claim for benefits you may be entitled. Review the eligibility in each section to determine your entitlement or contact the responsible entity provided.

Line of Duty

Any actions which the Police Officer or Fire Fighter primary function is to control crime, reduction of crime and to enforce laws or the suppression of fires. This would include social, ceremonial or athletic functions to which the Police Officer or Fire Fighter is assigned.


Primary family members of the injured or deceased officer; including spouse, children, grandchildren, parents, grandparents, siblings, finance and/or significant others.


Persons designated by the officer as recipients of specific death benefits.

Spouse and dependents are eligible to continue the city's health insurance on the same terms and conditions as active bargaining unit members. Contact Benefits Express to begin your enrollment. You may visit the Benefits Administration Office if you need further assistance.