Core Values

We Stand for our Core Values.

Collaboration: We must work together to meet the needs of our residents. This includes cooperating within our respective teams and other departments, along with the Mayor, City Council, Civil Service Commission, and organized labor unions. We recognize that silos only hinder success and that we cannot achieve our goals without each other. We encourage, seek and value stakeholder input.



Integrity and Ethics: We work to build trust with the public and be transparent in all we do. We must operate out of integrity and adhere to the Ethics Ordinance. City employees must adhere to the standards of promoting public confidence and preserve integrity in all (remove ‘our’) interactions.



Customer Centered: We strive to provide excellent customer experiences for all Detroiters who live, work, and visit here. We also serve our internal customers, such as team members, management, and co-workers across all departments. As representatives of Detroit, all employees should go the extra mile when providing services to our internal and external customers.

Customer Centered


Professionalism and Credibility: We display responsible and mindful behavior at work. Employees in Detroit are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism. That includes having a positive attitude, demonstrating self-awareness, and maintaining a professional appearance. We must adhere to work rules and workplace policies. Excellence and professionalism are essential pillars in all positions.



Accountability: We take responsibility for our own behavior and remain proactive. We take our positions seriously, not only for attendance but to be punctual and fully present. We seek developmental opportunities to learn, grow and improve. We work to simplify processes, to enhance services and accessibility for Detroiters. We are committed to delivering quality and timely service.



Workplace Safety and Security: The safety of employees and residents is our highest priority. We are committed to following and adhering to all safety rules and policies. Everyone must report potentially hazardous situations and unsafe working conditions immediately. We promote a harassment-free environment. We adhere to our zero-tolerance Workplace Violence policy.

Workplace Safety


Opportunity, Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity: The goal for all Detroit employees is to be fair and impartial. We embrace diverse ideas, opinions, and experiences. We create and support an accessible work environment that includes and respects differences. We believe accessibility is essential to an inclusive environment and universal participation is a proactive approach to ensuring that everyone has an equitable opportunity in the City of Detroit.