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After an 18-month process, the City’s Parks Planning team is excited to share the final 2022 Parks & Recreation Strategic Plan, adopted by City Council on November 15, 2022.  The plan represents the vision for Detroit Parks and Recreation for the next ten years, and is shaped by extensive outreach, including over 700 surveys responses, 27 focus groups and countless comments. Thank you to all of the community members who participated in the process.


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        CHAPTER 1 – Context

        CHAPTER 2 – Vision & Engagement

        CHAPTER 3 – Strategies 

        CHAPTER 4 – Implementation & Targets

        CHAPTER 5 – Analysis 

        CHAPTER 6 – Capital Plans

More information! Appendices:

        Appendix A: PRSP Survey

        Appendix B: CNA Survey

        Appendix C: Focus Groups

        Appendix D: Public Review

        Appendix E: Metrics & Inventory

        Appendix F: Policies & Procedures

        Appendix G: Funding Sources & Strategies

       Appendix H: East Riverfront Asset Study 

       Community Engagement Summary


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To improve the quality of life for all Detroiters through the parks, greenways, recreation centers and programs, using an equity framework.


The Parks and Recreation Strategic plan started in October 2020 and is currently under a public review process ending June 30 2022.


Summary of Phase 1: Information Gathering


We heard from you through the PRSP Survey between October 2020 & February 2021. Parks & Rec received 714 unique responses through the online survey about your favorite parks, greenways, rec centers and programs, and what you would like to see in the future. In addition to the online survey, a Community Needs Assessment collected your feedback between August and October of 2020 through mail-in responses and calls. We received 623 responses and it helped reach and receive feedback from many Detroiters across the city. All of this feedback went into the creation of our strategies.


The Parks and Recreation division hosted 24 subject expert focus groups to establish the “who” and “how” of implementing our strategies. Desires and concerns raised by residents during the survey process were addressed by our subject experts, who brought creative solutions to the table. As an example, focus group participants helped define our strategies for expanding maintenance to keep Detroit’s parks and rec facilities beautiful and accessible throughout the season. DPRD then hosted 11 public focus groups to refine these strategies and reaffirm their alignment with Detroiters’ priorities. This process included an additional 12 focus groups to discuss the East Riverfront Asset Study (ERAS) and its associated parks. Focus groups took place over Zoom calls between April and June of 2021 with over 490 attendees at the main sessions and 72 at the ERAS meetings.


Summary of Phase 2: Analysis & Plan Development

Using the information provided by the engagement process in Phase 1, along with an internal evaluation of condition and capacity of all Detroit parks, we developed a series of strategies, targets, and capital improvement plans.  As part of this analysis process, during the summer of 2021, we analyzed 18 demographic, health, environment, and access factors to create an equity-based metric of park need. We used this as a framework to prioritize park improvements for those who have the greatest need and will benefit most from them, including youth and seniors, low-income individuals and Black, Indigenous, & people of color (BIPOC), as well as those in areas with disparities in health outcomes and environmental quality.  This approach is aligned with national best practice, using the Trust for Public Land’s equity-based approach as a model.


Summary of Phase 3: Reviewing & Approving

We are currently in the third phase of the plan. From April 1st until June 30th of 2022 a draft plan will be available for public review, and will be shared widely with residents, council members, and other stakeholders.  After the review period all the comments will be recorded and comments will be taken into consideration to ensure that the plan best reflects the voice of Detroiters. The plan will then go before City Council for formal approval.


A focused look at the East Riverfront parks and properties

As part of the Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan update, the City is conducting a comprehensive study of Detroit’s East Riverfront Assets (ERAS), between Hart Plaza and St. Jean.

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Explore Detroit parks through this web app. You can search where you would like to go and find the closest city parks. And filter by amenity to find what you would like to do in a park – such as a playground for kids, a walking path with a bathroom or a dog park.


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For more information on the Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan please contact Juliana Fulton at [email protected] or (313) 744-3202