East Riverfront Assets Study

A focused look at the parks and sites on the East Riverfront 

As part of the Parks and Recreation Strategic Plan the City of Detroit is conducting a comprehensive study of Detroit’s East Riverfront Assets to:

  • To create vibrant, sustainable destinations by understanding and unlocking the potential of underused parklands/sites along the riverfront.
  • To build upon past riverfront studies
  • To develop a holistic, connective vision and an actionable strategic plan for Detroit’s riverfront. 
  • To learn how you use and enjoy your favorite spaces along the riverfront now and how you wish to do so in the future.  
What parks and properties will be considered?

This study will look at sites along the East Riverfront, including: 

  • Civic Center: Hart Plaza, the Joe Louis Fist and Spirit Plaza
  • The Aretha Franklin Amphitheater
  • Gold Coast/Barry Sub Parks: Owen Park, Erma Henderson Park and Marina
  • Marina District: Jefferson Village, Riverside Marina and St. Jean Boat Launch
WHO is conducting the study? 
  • City of Detroit - General Services Department 
    • Parks and Recreation Division 
      • Consultant team headed by Detroit architecture firm ROSSETTI
WHAT is the focus of the study? 
  • Assessing the current condition of parks and sites along the East Riverfront
  • Determining the scope and cost of any needed repairs
  • Creating an actionable plan for the long-term capitalization (i.e. funding), management, operation and maintenance of each park/site
  • Working with stakeholders to develop a cohesive, strategic vision for the riverfront that enhances these public spaces

View or download an introductory presentation HERE. 

WHEN will it take place? 
ERAS Schedule


Get involved - help us shape the plan! 

Now is as important a time as ever for cities and communities to envision a future together. During this difficult time of social distancing, we've adapted this public outreach process to take place remotely, as community informed planning work cannot proceed without the voice and vision of residents. Please see below for ways to share your thoughts and insights. 

Upcoming Engagement Opportunities: 

We've completed 3 rounds of engagement, but we are still collecting feedback on the draft recommendations. Please check below for details for providing your feedback.
For questions and/or to provide further feedback, please contact Maria Galarza at [email protected] or by calling 313-920-7455

We are collecting feedback on the marinas - please check out the presentation under Round 3, November 15th below and check back for the survey link in the next week. 


Past Community Presentations and Outreach: 

Round 1 - Spring Focus Group Sessions:

Round 2 - Community-wide Survey: 

  • During the months of June, July and August, the City of Detroit - Parks and Recreation solicited feedback via a survey. 
    329 responses were collected from the public during that period of time. 
    View and Download the Survey Results HERE

Round 3 -  Fall Community Meetings: