Midwest Tireman

Making Connections to New Opportunities

The Framework

The City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department (PDD) is preparing a framework study for the Midwest-Tireman neighborhood to kick-off in Late January/ February 2022. The study is an acknowledgement of the future impact of the Joe Louis Greenway (JLG) - the first segment of which is in the neighborhood, challenges of a low-density neighborhood, and the potential opportunities in future development because of its location, and past industrial assemblage. PDD will work with our partners including but not limited to the city of Detroit government (HRD, DWSD, DPW, GSD, DON), allied agencies (DEGC, Invest Detroit), residents, and businesses to realize a framework for future growth, noting challenges ahead, and strategizing for opportunities ahead in this 2.85 sq mi area.


Midwest Tireman Boundary


What is Midwest-Tireman?

Midwest-Tireman, or “The Study Area,” is the name of the planning study area. The framework name, Midwest-Tireman, is a combination of two “official” names of the neighborhood. The Department of Neighborhoods  (DON) refer to the neighborhood as “Midwest”; whereas the City of Detroit’s Master Plan refers to the same area as “Tireman”. 
The advent of the Joe Louis Greenway highlights the crossroads which this neighborhood lies. We will promote the theme “Making Connections with New Opportunities”  to emphasize the nodes created from the Greenway’s path as well as existing major thoroughfares that connect this neighborhood to the rest of the city.