Land Based Projects

A land based project uses land for urban agriculture, gardening, beautification and other productive uses, whether for profit or as a community based activity.

Land based projects enhance life in Detroit. The City recognizes the role neighborhood steward have played in preserving community through their investment into these projects over time. The City commits to enacting transparent standards that will allow these projects to thrive, and creating process that are clear, fair, and understandable

Getting your land based project started

Need to purchase land for your LBP?

  1. Visit Detroit Development Opportunities Map to locate public property that is for sale.
  2. Remember to consider the zoning rules when selecting a property. Selecting a property that is by right saves time and money.
  3. Make sure you are up to date on all payments to the city, including taxes, blight tickets, and water bills. Your purchase application will not be processed with outstanding balances.
  4. Complete the properties application after selecting a suitable property.

Land-Based Projects Office Hours

Have a question or an issue you need help with? Join us for virtual office hours! Office hours are open to the general public to discuss and answer land acquisition and building permit questions related to starting land based projects. Zoom Meeting Link Here


Land Based Office Hours 2024

Resources for sustaining your land based project

  • Register your LBP Project and /or Get Land Use Building Permit Assistance.  Obtaining a permit for your LBP is a requirement of the City of Detroit and the best way to protect your property rights as a LBP operator!  To register your Land-Based Project (urban gardens, urban farms, pocket parks, etc.) and to request assistance with obtaining and Land Use Change Building Permit click the following link: 

Process improvements

As part of the 2019 planning effort, the City sought to improve the process for purchasing and permitting Land Based Projects. We gathered input to help prioritize improvements to the land purchase to permit process and to compile Good Neighbor Guidelines for Land Based Projects. 

We’ve made a number of process improvements and are continuing make the land purchasing and permitting process as accessible and transparent as possible. Five Process Guides are currently available, including a step by step overview of the redesigned purchase to permit process and detailed information on the whos, whats, whens, wheres and whys about zoning, owning, and maintaining your land.