Blight Ticket

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Blight Ticket FAQ

The DPW Environmental Enforcement Section enforces both Chapter 9 (Property Maintenance) and Chapter 22 (Solid Waste) codes and issues violations for:

  • High Weeds and Grass
  • Snow and Ice Removal
  • Inoperable Vehicles
  • Improper Placement of Courville containers
  • Rat Harborage

DPW's Environmental Enforcement section provides community outreach and training activities to familiarize residents with ordinance requirements on the storage, handling and transport of solid waste.

 Environmental Enforcement Inspectors investigate, educate and protect the city against environmental rodent infestations.  Through the Rodent Impact Program, Environmental Enforcement educates the public on ways to reduce rodent populations.

 To request Environmental Enforcement services, please call (313) 876-0974 .

The City will actively and aggressively pursue violators, and the collection of fines. Fines are outlined for specific violations in the Detroit City Code and listed on each Blight Violation Notice. Hearing officers cannot impose jail time for any violations. The maximum fine that can be imposed is $10,000.

If a citizen ignores a Blight Violation Notice, a decision and order of default will be issued finding the citizen responsible for the violation alleged in the Blight Violation Notice.

Failure to pay fines, fees and costs will result in collection actions being started against the violator, which may include garnishment of wages and/or judgment liens being placed upon property.

There are various payment options for a Blight Violation Notice (BVN). Payments can be made in person at the Department of Administrative Hearings (DAH) during business hours, by mail, or via telephone for credit card payments. The DAH accepts cash, personal checks, money orders, certified checks, and VISA, Mastercard and Discovery cards.

Timely payment is essential.

Payment Discount and Penalty:

  • A FINE paid BEFORE the scheduled hearing date will be reduced by 10%
  • A FINE paid AFTER the scheduled hearing date will be increased by 10%

NOTE: The date of receipt of the payment by the DAH determines whether a discount or penalty applies.

Administrative Fee Mandated by Law
 There is a legislatively-mandated $30 administrative fee ($20 City Administrative Fee and $10.00 State Justice Assessment) for the processing and adjudication of this Blight Violation Notice.

The Blight Violation Notice (Ticket) states the specific violation, the date, time, and place that the alleged violation occurred and payment options concerning the fine.

 An appearance at a hearing is required to contest the alleged violation. Blight Violation Notices also state the date, time and place of the scheduled hearing. Questions must be directed to the department that issued the violation. If it is believed that the citation was issued by mistake, it is strongly recommended to have all concerns addressed during the scheduled hearing. The consequences of ignoring a Blight Violation Notice may result in an uncontested decision and order of default being issued against the alleged violator.

 Contact the Buildings, Safety Engineering and Environmental Department (BSE&ED) at (313) 628-2451 and ask to speak to the Property Maintenance Division supervisor.

If you do not appear at your hearing or ignore a Blight Violation Notice, a hearing officer will enter a decision and order of default against you, based upon the violations alleged in the Notice.  A decision and order of default can be used to place a lien on your property, garnish your wages, and/or affect your credit.  The City usually requests that the maximum fine be imposed in default matters if the violation alleged in the Notice was subject to a range of fines.