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The Developer, Related Olympia Predevelopment Company LLC, which consists of The Related Companies LP and Olympia Development of Michigan LLC, proposes the next phase of development plans in The District Detroit, aimed at attracting and retaining talent and driving forward inclusive economic development in Detroit and Michigan. After an extensive period of community outreach and feedback, the potential development would include the construction and operation of 10 renovated historic or new projects, including 4 mixed-income residential buildings, 4 commercial office buildings and 2 hotels, along with additional open public and green space.

The proposed projects include integrated parking plans, a projected 1,253,000 square feet of commercial office space, 146,000 square feet of retail space, 467 hotel rooms and 695 residential units. At least 20% of the residential units will be available to rent at rates affordable to those earning no more than 50% of Area Median Income, equivalent to an annual salary of $35,800 or less for a two-person household.

The Developer seeks governmental approvals by the first quarter of 2023 with a goal to commence site remediation and construction on the first of the projects in 2023.


District Detroit Project Details

District Detroit Map 12.22


District Detroit Map 1

1. 2200 Woodward
2200 Woodward
ADDRESS  2200 Woodward

TOTAL SF  521,000
USES          Office
JOBS         2,000 construction
                   2,000 permanent
2. 2250 Woodward
2250 woodward
ADDRESS  2250 Woodward

UNITS        287*
USES          Residential
JOBS         2,000 construction
                   240 permanent

*58 units will be priced for those making between 40-50% AMI

3. 2211 Woodward
2211 Woodward
ADDRESS  2211 Woodward

USES          Hotel
JOBS         940 construction
                   220 permanent
4. 2300 Woodward
2300 Woodward
ADDRESS  2300 Woodward

TOTAL SF  149,000
USES          Office
JOBS         630 construction
                   610 permanent
5a. 2305 Woodward
2305 woodward
ADDRESS  2305 Woodward

TOTAL SF  556,000
USES          Office
JOBS         2,000 construction
                   2,000 permanent
5b. 2300 Cass
2300 cass
ADDRESS  2300 Cass

TOTAL SF  556,000
USES          Office
JOBS         2,000 construction
                   2,000 permanent

District Detroit Map 2

6. 2455 Woodward
2455 woodward
ADDRESS  2455 Woodward

USES          Hotel
JOBS         1,000 construction
                   420 permanent
7. 408 Temple
408 Temple
ADDRESS  408 Temple

UNITS        131*
USES          Residential
JOBS         660 construction
                   50 permanent

*27 units will be priced for those making between 40-50% AMI

8. 2205 Cass
2205 Cass
ADDRESS  2205 Cass

UNITS        261*
USES          Residential
JOBS          1,000 construction
                   80 permanent

*54 units will be priced for those making between 40-50% AMI

9. 21115 Cass
2115 Cass
ADDRESS  2115 Cass

TOTAL SF  94,000
USES          Office
JOBS         420 construction
                   350 permanent
10. 2210 Park
2210 Park
ADDRESS  2210 Park

UNITS        16
USES          Residential
JOBS         220 construction
                   30 permanent




District Detroit Neighborhood Advisory Council

A nine (9) member Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) has been established for this community benefits process. Any Detroit resident who lives in the Impact Area and is over the age of 18 is eligible to serve on the Neighborhood Advisory Council. Members of the NAC are expected to attend all scheduled public meetings during the CBO process: consisting of at least 5 meetings over a period of 2 – 3 months.

NAC Election and Appointment Process: At the December 6th Meeting, Impact Area Residents heard from prospective Neighborhood Advisory Council candidates and elected 2 representatives to the NAC. In accordance with the Community Benefits Ordinance, following the December 6th meeting the three appointing City Council Members as well as the Planning and Development Department have invited additional candidates to fill the remaining positions as shown below.

Neighborhood Advisory Council (NAC) Members

Term Beginning January 10th, 2023

  • Terrance "T.R." Reid - elected by Impact Area Residents
  • Henry Allen Williams Jr. - elected by Impact Area Residents
  • Deirdre Jackson - appointed by City Council Member Mary Watersv
  • Jonathan C. Kinloch (Parliamentarian) - appointed by City Council Member Coleman A. Young II
  • Barbrie Logan - appointed by City Council Member Gabriela Santiago-Romero
  • Chris Jackson (Chair) - appointed by the Planning and Development Department
  • Eddie Hall III - appointed by the Planning and Development Department
  • Michael Essian II (Secretary) - appointed by the Planning and Development Department
  • Rogelio Landin (Vice Chair) - appointed by the Planning and Development Department
  • Steven Hawring - alternate (non-voting) member appointed by the Planning and Development Department

Congratulations to each of the Neighborhood Advisory Council Members, we truly appreciated your commitment to your neighbors and look forward to the beginning of your service on January 10th. 2023.

Contact the Neighborhood Advisory Council directly at: [email protected]



Upcoming Public Community Benefits Meetings 

Please see below for the full Community Benefits public meeting schedule for the District Detroit.  CBO meetings will resume on Tuesday January 10th , 2023 at 6pm (doors open at 5:30pm) and take place at Cass Technical High School.  Meetings are scheduled for each Tuesday evening in January and much of February at the same time and location.  This schedule is subject to change as needed, any updates or changes will be posted to this page. 

Click to download the CBO Meeting Notice Mailed to Impact Area Residents

How to Participate in CBO Meetings

ADVANCE REGISTRATION REQUIRED: https://bit.ly/DistrictDetroitCBO 

Following City of Detroit Health Department guidelines, residents will have the option to participate in all Community Benefits Public Meetings either virtually through Zoom or in person. Masks and social distancing measures will be required at all in-person CBO Public Meetings.



Cass Technical High School

2501 Second Ave., Detroit, MI 48201



Register to receive meeting link: https://bit.ly/DistrictDetroitCBO 

Dial by phone: +1 312 626 6799;

Meeting ID: 850 7298 4131









With advance notice of seven calendar days, the City of Detroit will provide interpreter services at public meetings, including language translation and reasonable ADA accommodations. Please contact the Civil Rights, Inclusion and Opportunity Department at 313-224-4950, through the TTY number 711, or email [email protected] to schedule these services.


Schedule of CBO Meetings

*Please note that this schedule might change and any updates will be provided below

Register for all meetings at: https://bit.ly/DistrictDetroitCBO

Meetings will begin at 6:00 PM (doors open at 5:30 for registration and refreshments) and take place at the Cass Technical High School Auditorium - 2501 Second Ave. Detroit, MI 48201 with an option to participate remotely via Zoom. Attendees may park and enter the school from the Henry Street, along the south side of the building.


Additional Meetings of the NAC

The following meetings take place via Zoom unless otherwise noted.

CBO Impact Area 

The project Impact Area contains all of Census Tracts 5207, 5225, and 5173, as well as a portion of Census Tract 5172 in the City of Detroit.  As shown on the map, this area is bounded by Martin Luther King Blvd. and Mack Ave. to the north, I-75 and I-375 to the east, Macomb St., Monroe St., and Michigan Ave. to the south, and M-10 to the west. The Impact Area includes parts or all of the following neighborhoods: Downtown, Midtown, Brush Park, Brewster Homes, and Douglass.


Proposed District Detroit Projects