Detroit Supply Schedule Program

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As established within the Detroit City Code of Ordinances, the Detroit Supply Schedule Program is designed to procure commonly-utilized goods and services more efficiently while creating opportunities for local businesses. Contracts under the Supply Schedule are for indefinite quantities for a five (5) year term, enabling the City to make recurring purchases from approved suppliers.


Anyone can view a list of the City’s open Detroit Supply Schedule Requests for Qualifications and Quotations (RFQQs) by visiting our page of open bids and searching for “Detroit Supply Schedule.” Current RFQQs include:


Get Pre-Qualified for the Detroit Supply Schedule


The City prioritizes working with Detroit-certified businesses through the Detroit Supply Schedule Program. At least 30% of all Detroit Supply Schedule contracts are reserved for such businesses, and the Office of Contracting & Procurement conducts annual outreach sessions to keep residents informed about the Supply Schedule Program and associated opportunities. Moreover, the

Janitorial/Custodial Services (Schedule 2) and Guard Services (Schedule 3) RFQQs are open only to Detroit-certified businesses. The Grounds Services (Schedule 1) RFQQ is open to non-local businesses as well, although Detroit-certified businesses still receive equalization credits through the bidding process.


Get Pre-Qualified for the Detroit Supply Schedule


As with all City contracts, the Detroit Supply Schedule Program is open only to registered suppliers.


Checklist for participating in the Detroit Supply Schedule Program:

  • Register as a supplier.
  • Apply for a Detroit certification if your organization qualifies.
  • Find an open Detroit Supply Schedule RFQQ for the goods and services your organization provides.
  • Submit a bid through the Supplier Portal

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