City of Detroit Business License Environmental Health Clearance

For most businesses that require an Environmental Health Clearance in order to complete their city of Detroit Business license application, this will require paying an annual fee to the Detroit Health Department and passing an inspection (or correcting violations cited during the inspection) 

Some businesses will require a state of Michigan license as well, including Child Care, Body Art, swimming pools, and foodservice establishments. For those see the appropriate web pages. 

For all other businesses, you can pay the annual fee at: or call (313)  876-4715 to pay the fee and schedule the inspection (note: some inspections may be unannounced) 

The fee (paid by business check or money order) and an inspection request form may also be mailed or dropped in the dropbox in the lobby of the Detroit Health Department at Detroit Health Department, Environmental Health division, 100 Mack Ave. Third Floor, Detroit, MI 48201-0001.



Amusement Park, Arcade, Billiard Room, Circus, Skating Rink, Shooting Gallery.

Consumer Services

Bathhouse, Massage Parlor/School, Tattoo/Body Art Parlor.


Hotel, Public Lodging House, Rooming House, Shelter.


Hookah Shops, and tobacco Retail (Pet Shops See Detroit Animal Care).

Second Hands Sales

Information on Second Hand Sales Business Licenses.

Sexually Oriented

Information on Sexually Oriented Business Licenses.

Special Events

Information on Special Events Business Licenses.

Theater/ Hall/ Stadiums/ Arena

Information on Theater / Hall / Stadiums / Arena Business Licenses.