Brightmoor Framework Plan FAQs

Where are we currently in the planning process?

The Brightmoor Framework Plan began in early 2023 and is now about 70% complete. We are currently in Phase 3 of the planning process which focuses on vision, draft goals, and potential strategies. Phase 4, which will last from about March to June will include developing implementation recommendations and the final framework plan document.  We have 4 more meetings to coordinate with the community with the next scheduled for February 22nd at the Crowell Community Center at 6:00pm. Other future meetings include:

  • March 21: Economic Development Focus Group
  • April 11: Parks and Open Space Focus Group
  • May 2: Final Community Workshop
How will the community meetings be structured?

Meetings have consisted of focus groups, advocate discussions, and community update meetings. Focus groups will discuss a particular topic and are used to determine the priorities and concerns of residents.

Advocate discussions are smaller-scale meetings with organizations whether they are formal like a block club or non-profit or informal like a collection of business owners or concerned parents. These meetings will not be recorded. If your organization would like to meet to discuss the framework plan please complete this form.

Community update meetings are used to update the community about the planning process and provide opportunities to connect with other City of Detroit departments. There will be 4 community update meetings throughout the planning process. Meetings will include opportunities to share feedback and input to shape the framework plan.

The majority of meetings will be in person with 1/3 being virtual to accommodate those who may not be able to attend otherwise.

How many meetings have already occurred? What was discussed? How can I access the information if I was unable to attend?

We have hosted 3 meetings and participated in a D1 Monthly Meeting:

Brightmoor Framework Plan Kickoff: Held on February 27th this meeting introduced our consultant team led by Agency Landscape and Planning. It also allowed implementing City departments like the Detroit Land Bank Authority and Detroit Water and Sewer Department to provide updates and resources to residents. Residents were then asked what challenges they were facing in their neighborhoods and what aspects they appreciated most. A summary of those responses can be found here. The meeting recording can be found here.

Sixfocus group meetings have taken place. The first one held on April 5th covered environmental safety and encouraged residents to reflect on how they interact with the built environment. If you would like to provide your experience the survey can be found here.

The second focus group held on April 19th discussed the current conditions and future aspirations for urban agriculture. A synopsis of the discussion is available here. Do you have a garden or farm in Brightmoor? We would love your input, please complete this survey.

The third focus group occurred on June 29, 2023 and focused on Stormwater.

The fourth focus group was a youth focus group which centered on Economic Development.  It was held on July 18.

The fifth focus group topic was Housing.  The first Housing focus group was held on August 2.  Another Housing focus group conversation occurred on October 3.

We attended the D1 Monthly Meeting hosted by President Pro Temp Tates office. Here we discussed the vacant land that is currently being held by Detroit Water and Sewer Department with the support of the Planning and Development Department.

The Phase 2 community workshop was held on October 21 in the Brightmoor Maker Space.

The Streets Focus Group, the sixth focus group topic, was held virtually on February 15, 2024.

The month of May 2023 focused on advocate discussions.If you are a part of an organization and would like to discuss the framework plan please complete this form.

In addition, a series of office hours were held in the fall of 2023 in various Brightmoor locations.

Will the meetings be recorded?

Every meeting will not be recorded, especially advocate discussions as they will focus on the needs and concerns of individual organizations. However, these conversations may lead to future focus group conversations.

Presentations shared at the community update meetings will be recorded and uploaded to the Brightmoor website.

What will be the topics for future focus groups?

Past focus groups have covered topics including environmental safety, streets, housing, stormwater, urban agriculture, and a youth focus group on economic development.  These sessions have been attended by a range of ages and covered a range of topics.

Upcoming sessions will cover:

  • Economic Development Focus Group - March 21
  • Parks and Open Space Focus Group - April 11

As more data is collected, more focus groups will be determined. If you have a focus group discussion topic, please email [email protected].

How much vacant land is currently on hold and why?

There are 2406 parcels currently on hold by the Department of Water and Sewer Department (DWSD) with the support of the Planning and Development Department (PDD). These parcels are being considered for stormwater infrastructure to help combat the flooding that is experienced in the area. The stormwater infrastructure plan is still being developed. We are also holding the land to ensure that there is space for future project implementation once the framework plan is completed. The hold will remain until May 2024. Any extension of the hold will have to be approved by Mayor Duggan. Side lots and neighborhood lots can still be requested, and parcels are being released as they are no longer needed.

Is there a housing strategy?

There is no current housing strategy for the Brightmoor area, but housing diversity and affordability are the priority. The Planning and Development Department (PDD) will work closely with the Housing and Revitalization Department (HRD) and the community to develop a short-term and long-term strategy.

What is affordable housing?

According to the Housing and Revitalization Department

“Housing is considered affordable when your housing costs do not exceed 30% of your household’s monthly income. For renters, these costs include rent and basic utilities (electric, gas and water).

There are two basic types of affordable rental housing in Detroit:

Naturally occurring: This type of housing is not government regulated but is considered affordable to households at market rate because costs amount to less than 30% of their monthly income.

Regulated: This type of housing is subsidized by government programs to ensure that low-income households do not pay more than 30% of their income on rent, or that rents are restricted at a level that is affordable for low-income households. There are two broad categories of regulated affordable housing:

Public Housing: Owned and operated by Detroit Housing Commission.

Other regulated housing: Privately owned but offer affordable rents for low-income tenants. Eligibility requirements vary with each program.”

Is there currently any developer interest?

There is currently no large-scale development interest in the Brightmoor area.

Is there interest in installing solar in the Brightmoor area?

The Brightmoor area is not being considered for the Neighborhood Solar Partners Program. More information about the program can be found here.

Can the neighborhood be rezoned? How long would it take?

Rezoning is when the zoning classification of a property is changed to another. Residents have expressed interest in rezoning portions of Brightmoor from R1 to R3 and R4.


R1 is defined as low-density residential areas now primarily developed and those areas that will be developed with single-family detached dwellings and characterized by a high ratio of home ownership. Development is limited to single-family detached dwellings. Additional residential uses such as religious institutions, neighborhood centers, and utility uses necessary to serve the immediate area may be permitted on a conditional basis.  98 percent of the Brightmoor Area is zoned R1.

R3 is defined as a low-density multi-family district. The regulations are designed to promote and encourage town and terrace house development, courts, and garden apartments. Development allowed in R3 includes single and two-family dwellings, townhouses, multi-family dwellings, and community facilities necessary to serve a residential district. 

R4 is defined as a district that is for low-medium density residential dwellings characterized primarily by rental apartment dwellings. Other development uses include multiple-family dwellings, single- and two-family dwellings, and certain other residentially related uses. Medical and dental clinics, motels or hotels, and certain types of non-profit uses may be permitted on a conditional basis subject to appropriate findings and compliance with required standards.

Information about the other zoning classifications can be found here.

The zoning classification of a property can be changed for several reasons: to meet public need, to promote the general welfare, to conform with good zoning practices, and to adhere to the guiding principles and intent of the Master Plan and the Zoning Ordinance. Several steps are required including a review by city staff, community outreach, and public hearings at both the City Planning Commission and City Council. The rezoning process can take anywhere from 4-6 months to complete

What are some housing stabilization tools that are currently in use?

The Housing and Revitalization Department has a number of programs to address housing stabilization for renters and homeowners. A comprehensive list of those programs can be found here. 

Here is the link for HRD stabilization tools in use:

Who can we contact within the County regarding the Bridge located at Fenkell and Eliza Howell. Its currently under construction?

As for now,  please reach to Wayne County regarding the bridge and specifically reach out to Andrew Kandrevas, the Wayne County Director for the Department of Public Services at 1(313)224-7600. We have also provided a link to their website for any additional information you may want.