Brightmoor Framework Plan

The Planning and Development Department is working to develop a comprehensive neighborhood framework plan that includes the identification of vacant public land landscape, parks, housing redevelopment, economic development, utilization of public vacant land, and Green Stormwater Infrastructure strategies for the Brightmoor Framework Area. 

This project seeks to revitalize an area of Northwest Detroit that includes 12 neighborhoods by embracing neighborhoods with diverse levels of occupancy, vacant public land, strong economic development, and stormwater challenges. A successful design team will provide synergetic strategies that improve residents' quality of life and strengthen economic development along the Fenkell corridor. The overall recommendations expected should promote diverse housing options, elevate neighborhood vibrancy, propose sustainable uses for vacant land, and address stormwater/flooding issues that hamper the region. 

Our Framework Plan Priorities 

  • Vacancy 
  • Housing
  • Parks
  • Streetscapes and Corridors
  • Parks and Open Space

Brightmoor Area Project Map

Brightmoor Urban Ag. Area map


Brightmoor Timeline Feb 29 2024

Resident Surveys 

Schedule of Past Community Meetings