Payroll (Ultipro / UKG)

First contact your supervisor, if they cannot correct it, your supervisor should contact [email protected] / 313-224-8584

You can access Ultipro (UKG) Self Service Guide and user manuals by accessing this link (if you are working remotely, you must be signed in through VPN Forticlient)

Active Employee = Access pay statements by logging into Ultipro system. // Former employee =Email or call Payroll at [email protected] / 313-224-8584

Every month an email communication is send out to all employees with the training calendar including dates, times and instructions on how to access the training. You may also contact contact Linda Green at [email protected] with specific questions regarding Ultipro (timekeeping system) training.

To be eligible for Holiday pay, you must have paid work hours or approved Vacation the day before and after the holiday(s), If you have paid Sick day the day before or after the holiday(s) or any unpaid time (incl. unpaid Departmental Leave) off then you will not receive holiday pay.

Every year from December 24th to January 1st, (exact dates will vary depending on what day of the week Dec 24th, 25th, and January 1st fall) generally the City of Detroit not including the Detroit Water and Sewage Department, Detroit Fire Department, Detroit Police Department and Detroit Department of Transportation will curtail all non-essential operations to the maximum extent possible. Each year detailed communication will be sent out to all employees on closure specific dates for the year. There will be dates that are no-pay during this period. Employees will be charged Vacation, compensatory time, or no-pay for the no-pay dates, employees will be permitted to use departmental leave if they do not have time in their Vacation, Compensatory time banks.

The supervisor or manager of the employee must Contact their Employee Services Consultant.

Log into Ultipro and navigate to Menu (Top left of the screen) / Myself / Pay / Income Tax. You can update it yourself on this page.

On July 1st of each year, Payroll will move hours over 160 in your vacation bank to Must use vacation time.

September 30th of each year (Note: All hours in Must use vacation time will be forfeited if not used by September 30th.)

All City appointees and employees (Except TASS employees) shall be eligible for funeral leave without deduction of pay as follows: Immediate Family = 2 days (Immediate family means husband, wife, son, daughter, brother, sister, father, mother, step-father, step-mother, step-son, step-daughter, grandfather, and grandmother.) Relative = 1 day (Relative means a grandson, granddaughter, uncle, aunt, father-in-law, mother-in-law, brother-in-law and sister-in-law.) Additional 2 days: Where such appointee or employee attends the funeral more than 300 miles from the City of Detroit, the appointee or employee may extend the leave by two days, which shall be charged against the appointee or employee's sick leave banks.

Documentation Requirement: The documentation required is a letter from the Funeral Home on their letter head showing employee’s name, relatives name, the relationship, Date of death, date of service and that employee attended the service. It must also be signed by the Funeral Director or their designee. Timesheet coding is done by supervisor. Documentation must be provided to your departments Employee Services Consultant (or) you can drop it off at their office in Suite 316 on 3rd floor of CAYMC.

Sick time can be used for illness from 1 day to three days, inform your supervisor so they can code your timesheet. In the event you take more than 3 days sick time, the supervisor must inform your department's Employee Service Consultant of the date of absence (this is necessary for you to get paid for more than 3 days you are taking as sick days).

Your supervisor may request Dr. Note.

For Jury Duty, inform your supervisor. Your supervisor must code you timesheet and provide the letter from the court showing you served for Jury Duty to your Employee Services Consultant (or) you can drop it off at their office in Suite 316 on 3rd floor of CAYMC.