$1 Billion in Affordable Housing in 5 years: Mayor Duggan, City Council, partners celebrate investment milestone in massive effort to build one Detroit for everyone

  • 71 developments built or under construction since 2018 providing 4,646 units of affordable housing, most of which are reserved for households earning between 30% and 60% of the area median income
  • City- and community-wide focus on affordable housing has prevented housing homelessness crisis, tent cities prevalent in other states
  • Mayor thanks funding partners, developers and city council for prioritizing Detroit’s lower income individuals and families


More than $1 billion has been invested in affordable housing in Detroit over the past five years as part of a massive effort to ensure that longtime Detroiters of all income levels can live in any neighborhood they choose, Mayor Mike Duggan announced today.  

Since 2019, a total of 71 multi-family housing projects have been built or are currently under construction.  Together, they are responsible for 4,646 units of affordable housing in Detroit.  Those units are a mix of 1,612 units in newly constructed apartment buildings and renovated formerly vacant buildings, as well as 3,036 existing affordable housing units in buildings that have been renovated. Along with rehabilitation of the existing homes, these homes were preserved as affordable generally for at least 30 years, ensuring that thousands of lower income households are not displaced but can remain in their homes.

The total development cost for these projects - which represent funding from the City, State, Federal Government, private funders and developers - is $1,009,177,000. 

The mayor joined in a celebration today with more than 200 affordable housing developers and funding partners at the site of the project that put the city over the $1 billion investment threshold and will begin construction in the next two weeks. That project, led by Detroit developer Amin Irving, will provide 150 units of all-affordable housing on what is currently nearly 4 acres of vacant land between E. Jefferson and the Detroit River, at the foot of Van Dyke. 

The $45 million development will offer 20 units for residents earning 30% or less of the area median income (AMI), 36 units at or below 50% AMI and 96 units at or below 60% AMI.  The project’s modular construction helps to keep construction costs and rents low and allows for a shorter construction period.

“Over the past five years, we have seen a communitywide commitment to affordable housing that is unprecedented in Detroit and, quite possibly, the country,” said Mayor Duggan. “It is the reason you do not see tent cities in Detroit like you do in other places. We still have a lot of work to do, but I cannot say enough about the team that has led this work from the department of housing & revitalization, our partners on City Council, our funders and, of course, our developers for the incredible work they continue to do.”

The Mayor singled out HRD Director Julie Schneider, as well as her predecessors, Donald Rencher and Arthur Jemison, who previously have led the city’s affordable housing strategies, for their leadership. 

The Mayor also credited several city council members for their leadership and dedication to the issue of affordable housing. 

“Council President Sheffield has been a consistent advocate and support of affordable housing development in Detroit since taking office in 2014. Members Latisha Johnson, Mary Waters, Angela Whitfield Calloway and Gabriella Santiago Romero have been fully committed partners in the $203 million affordable housing plan we announced in July 2022, which gave the city the resources it needed to reach the $1 billion investment milestone,” the Mayor said.  

"I am extremely proud to stand with all of our developers, partners, and residents as we celebrate this milestone in affordable housing investments which highlights the efforts to ensure the growth in Detroit is inclusive and equitable,” said Council President Sheffield. The $1 billion in cumulative investments is illustrative of our commitment to provide safe, quality and affordable housing for all Detroiters. Through advocacy, shared values and a consensus around a vision for the future, together we have forged a pathway to housing stability and economic upward mobility which provides every resident the opportunity to thrive during this period of revitalization in Detroit."

1 Billion invest pic1
Mayor Duggan thanks city officials and partners for their efforts.


The Mayor also thanked the US Department of Housing & Urban Development, the Michigan State Housing Development Authority, Invest Detroit, LISC Detroit and others that have been among the primary funding partners on many of these projects. LISC Detroit manages the Detroit Housing for the Future Fund (DHFF), a private investment fund launched by HRD and LISC in 2020 that has invested $32.8 million in low-cost loans and pre-development grants for developers of color to support the City’s affordable housing goals.

“Behind this major milestone are the thousands of residents who are benefitting from the stability and security that comes with affordable, quality housing. These investments across 46 neighborhoods and every City Council district in Detroit, bring critical affordable housing resources that will serve Detroiters for decades to come and is central to neighborhood development strategies,” said Julie Schneider, director of the housing and revitalization department.

Of the 4,646 affordable units that make up the $1 Billion investment: 

  • 39 have rents affordable to households earning 120% AMI or less
  • 649 have rents affordable to households earning 80% or less of AMI
  • 1,682 have rents affordable to households earning 60% or less of AMI
  • 1,381 have rents affordable to households earning 50% or less of AMI
  • 895 have rents affordable to households earning 30% or less of AMI

Housing is considered affordable when the costs do not exceed 30% of a household’s monthly income.  Below is the current HUD Area Median Income Chart for Detroit area:


1 Person

2 People

3 People

4 People

5 People

6 People

7 People

8 People

30% AMI









50% AMI









60% AMI









80% AMI









1 Billion invest pic2


Donald Rencher, who served as Group Executive for Planning, Housing and Development for the City for several years before leaving in late 2023 to become President and CEO of the Hudson-Webber Foundation, expressed his pride in the city’s commitment to affordable housing.  

“In 2018, the City of Detroit launched a mission to safeguard low-income residents from displacement, aiming to create inclusive housing options amidst Detroit's economic resurgence. This achievement was fueled by public-private partnerships, dedicated elected officials, and vigilant residents who continuously made their voices heard,” said Rencher.  “However, challenges persist. Detroit still faces significant poverty, with affordable and stable housing playing a key role in overcoming economic hurdles. Yet, the lack of subsidies hinders progress. As we drive Detroit's growth, ensuring inclusivity and prioritizing affordable housing as a cornerstone of economic development is crucial.”

Development Partners

Almost Midtown, LLC
Alternatives for Girls
American Community Developers
Bagley Development Group
Bridging Communities
CADS III Management
Cass Corridor Neighborhood Development Corporation
Catholic Charities for SE Michigan
Century Partners
CHN Housing Partners 
Communities of Hope
Davis Veterans Village, AMAC Development, Anchor Team
Detroit Blight Busters
Detroit Catholic Pastoral Alliance (DCPA)
Develop Detroit
DHC Three
Ethos Development
Flux City, LLC
Full Circle Communities
Gabriel Management Group LLC
Ginosko Development
Grandmont Rosedale Development Corporation
Hosey Development
Inkwell Partners
Invest Detroit
Jacobs Street LLC
Jefferson East Inc
John Stanley, Inc.
Jonathan Rose Companies
Kipling Development
Larc Group
Life Builders
Lighthouse MI
Mariners Inn
MHT Housing
Minyon Properties
MRK Partners
N’Namdi HoldingsNeighborhood Service Organization
Nova Development
Osborn Neighborhood Alliance
Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)
Presbyterian Villages of Michigan
Robert Kabbe
Roxbury Group
Ruth Ellis Center
S&S Development Group, LLC
Sam Thomas
Southwest Detroit Business Association
Timeless Properties
URGE Development Group
Wallick Communities
Woodborn Partners

“As I reflect on my first affordable housing investment done in Detroit in 2006, I can’t help but think about how far Detroit has come,” said developer Amin Irving. “Back then, it seemed everything was reactive without any real consistent procedures. Now, under this administration, there are tangible goals and transparent processes all within the context of a citywide strategy. Eclipsing $1 Billion of economic investment in affordable housing since 2019 is a testament to the hard work that Mayor Duggan and the City Council have demonstrated.”

1 Billion invest pic3
Signs displaying the 71 projects that make up $1 billion in affordable housing investment.


1 Billion invest pic4
Developer Rod Hardamon stands next to a display of one of his projects, Sawyer Art Apartments.


Investment Partners

Housing and Revitalization Department
Michigan State Housing Development Authority
Capital Impact Partners
Invest Detroit
Michigan Economic Development Corporation
Detroit Economic Growth Corporation
Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis
US Department of Housing and Urban Development
Detroit Housing Commission
Kresge Foundation
JPMorgan Chase
Hudson Webber 
Citizens Bank
Flagstar Bank
First Independence Bank
PNC Bank
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
Penske Corporation
Huntington Bank
Fifth Third Bank
Ford Motor Company
Marble Cliff Capital
Alden Torch
Bank of America
National Equity Fund
Alliant Capital
Key Community Development Corp

71 Projects, $1 Billion invested

  1. Pablo Davis                                                         9200 W Vernor Hwy
  2. Parkview Place                                                  1401  Chene St
  3. Parker Durand                                                   8003  Kercheval St
  4. NSO: The Sanctuary                                        3426  Mack Ave
  5. Marlborough Apartments                            910 + 1031 Marlborough St
  6. University Meadows                                      4500  Trumbull St
  7. Roberts III                                                           3901  Grand River Ave
  8. The Freelon at Sugar Hill                                81  Garfield St
  9. Friendship Meadows                                      1001  Leland St
  10. Orchestra Place                                                 100  Parsons St
  11. Cathedral Tower                                               80 E Hancock St
  12. OSI Art Apartments                                         3820  Grand River Ave
  13. West Boston Apartments                             3220 W Boston Blvd
  14. Transfiguration Place Apartments             13300 Syracuse St
  15. Ruth Ellis Clairmount Center                       61  Clairmount St
  16. Milwaukee Junction                                        258 E Milwaukee St
  17. Lakewood Manor                                             14200  Kercheval St
  18. Northlawn Gardens                                        9545  Northlawn St
  19. Midtown Square Apartments                     93  Seward St
  20. Sawyer Art Apartments                                 7303 W Mcnichols Rd
  21. Lifebuilders II                                                     15044  Bringard Dr (multiple addresses)
  22. Brush Watson: Beaubien                              454  Watson St
  23. Belnord                                                                324  Hendrie St
  24. Charlotte                                                             10210  2nd Blvd
  25. DreamTroit                                                         1331  Holden St
  26. Marwood + Marston                                       53  Marston St
  27. Morton Manor                                                  20000  Dequindre St
  28. Savannah-Wilshire                                          250 W Grand Blvd
  29. Xavier Square                                                    3115  Alter Rd
  30. Rev. Dr. Jim Holley Residences                   9001  Woodward Ave
  31. The Weber                                                         655  Hazelwood St
  32. The Residences at 150 Bagley                     150  Bagley St
  33. Morningside Commons II                              3530  Wayburn St
  34. Jefferson Meadows                                        13101  Freud St
  35. Le Chateau                                                         19225  Mound Rd
  36. The Shirley                                                          1442  Calvert St
  37. The Brooke on Bagley                                     2420  Bagley St
  38. Trumbull Crossing                                            5500  Trumbull St
  39. Springwells                                                         2316  Lawndale St
  40. Jefferson Square                                              541  Dickerson St
  41. Cathedral Arts Apartments                          10201  Woodward Ave
  42. Bowin Place Apartments                              15400 W Seven Mile Rd
  43. MLK on 2nd                                                        3515  2nd Ave
  44. Hubbard Farms Apartments                        465 W Grand Blvd
  45. 1403 Junction                                                    1403  Junction St
  46. The Ribbon                                                         16530 E Warren Ave
  47. Minock Park Place                                            9710 W Outer Dr
  48. La Joya Gardens                                                4022 W Vernor Hwy
  49. Kingsley Arms                                                    646  Hazelwood St
  50. Lee Arden                                                           660  Hazelwood St
  51. Dr Maya Angelou Village                               16711  Burt Rd
  52. The Beauton                                                      503  Horton St
  53. The Anchor at Mariners Inn                         445  Ledyard St
  54. Left Field                                                              2610  Cochrane St
  55. Lifebuilders III                                                    16516  Fairmount Dr (multiple addresses)
  56. 5800 Michigan                                                   5800  Michigan Ave
  57. Mapleridge Duplexes                                     13623  Mapleridge St (multiple addresses)
  58. Benjamin O Davis Veterans Village           4777 E Outer Dr
  59. Brush Watson: Beaubien                              454  Watson St
  60. Orchard Village                                                 21722  Orchard St
  61. The Residences at St. Matthew                  5970  Audubon Rd
  62. Islandview Townhomes                                2251  Sheridan St (multiple addresses)
  63. Merrill Place                                                       1312  Seward St
  64. Van Dyke Center                                              8100  Gratiot Ave
  65. 60 Harper                                                            60  Harper Ave
  66. Van Dyke Village                                               1775  Van Dyke St
  67. Dr. Violet T. Lewis Village                              17370  Meyers Rd
  68. McDonald Square II                                         2900 E Vernor Hwy
  69. Brainard Street Apartments                        680  Brainard St
  70. The Claire                                                            100  Clairmount St
  71. 7850 East Jefferson                                        7850 E Jefferson Ave