Michigan State Fairgrounds Development

1,200 new jobs in Detroit

In addition to helping to prepare Detroiters for employment opportunities at the new facility, Detroit At Work also will provide training to Detroit residents who would like to start their own companies and become Amazon Delivery Partners.

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The City will memorialize commitments to the community through Council resolutions, all of which will be legally binding.

The City will submit (at the same time as the land sale and the master plan amendment is approved) a series of related resolutions.    

City Resolutions:  

  • The City will work with Detroit at Work to prepare Detroit residents for positions at the Amazon Distribution Center, and encourage Amazon to give preference to Detroit residents.
  • The City will work to address non-structural blight, including alley clean-ups, vacant lot cutting, debris removal, park development for youth and community, and illegal dumping.
  • The City will explore utilizing eco-friendly resources and materials in order to keep in line with the Detroit Sustainability Agenda and further the goal of creating a carbon neutral local economy.
  • The City will dedicate $500,000 from bond funds for improvements to the State Fair & Havana future park site and Charleston & Colton park site.
  • The City will work with community organizations, non-profits and churches to establish community partnerships that speed up the development of the impacted communities, and educate residents on employment opportunities and job training.
  • The City will continue to partner with community organizations to help Detroiters avoid foreclosure through Make It Home, Homeowner Property Tax Exemption, Pay as You Stay, Right of First Refusal, Non-force of movement of property owners and other empowerment programs. The new Detroit Community Health Corps will help inform residents through an unprecedented door-to-door community outreach campaign.
  • The City will work with SFP to construct dedicated roads within the property that provide pedestrian and non-motorized access to the Transit Center. The City will also work with the purchaser to study pedestrian access and, if appropriate, encourage new connections be constructed on the property.
  • The City will work with MoGo Detroit to locate a bicycle station at the new Transit Center.
  • The Planning & Development Department will conduct community outreach and engagement to complete a neighborhood plan that addresses: The impact of new development; plans to eliminate abandoned structures; reuse vacant land; develop parks. P&DD will continue to update the Master Plan for the City over the next ten years with community input.
  • Through community meetings, the Planning and Development Department will research and explore long term housing and future economic development projects to protect community interest and ensure long term community control, assistance, and involvement.
  • In each recommended budget, the Office of Budget will complete a reconciliation procedure to determine appropriation to the Detroit Affordable Housing Development and Preservation Fund from surplus commercial land sales, and that if not currently eligible, the impacted community areas in the vicinity of the former State Fairgrounds will be qualified as eligible areas under Section 22-3-7 of the Detroit City Code.
  • The City will allow a 3-month period to study the Dairy Cattle Building, Coliseum and Agriculture Building (Joe Dumars Fieldhouse) before demolishing them for the Transit Center. Community advocates, P&DD and the DBA may evaluate if the buildings may be reused or relocated.
  • When land use or rezoning proceedings are taking place for the property the City will:
    • Host up to two community meetings total if any such hearing or proceeding is requested and;
    • Solicit community input at meetings and present industrial buffering methods, which the City will recommend to BSEED, BZA, P&DD or the CPC if an applicant seeks applicable land use or rezoning approvals for the Property.
  • The City will conduct a health assessment consisting of the following:
    • Air quality baseline testing in and around the Property prior to completion of the first phase of construction on the Property and before the start of operations, so that results can be made available should any future industrial uses be proposed on the Property (in addition to the proposed new Amazon distribution center)
    • Verify the accuracy of the existing sound and lighting assessments based on the actual conditions of operations.

There are two ways Detroiters can get to work with Amazon:

Amazon Warehouse Team Member

  • 18 years or older with ability to speak and understand English for safety
  • High school, GED, or equivalent diploma
  • No Resume or previous work experience required •
  • Hourly pay rate: Earn$15/hr or more

Job Description

  • Receive and put away inventory
  • Get customer orders ready and pack up
  • Load boxes into trucks for shipment.
  • Work around moving machines like order pickers, forklifts, mobilecarts, and possibly robots
  • Use scanners to scan bar codes on products

Employee Benefits

  • Career development, competitive wage and reliable paycheck
  • Health care starting on day one
  • Employee discounts, 401(k) savings plans, paid time off and more
  • Learn more about Amazon benefits here

Become Your Own Boss as a Amazon Delivery Service Partner
Starting in late 2020, Detroit at Work is piloting an Entrepreneurship Training Academy for aspiring entrepreneurs to learn about starting and maintaining a small business. The academy is for those wanting to become Amazon Delivery Service Partners or have their own business idea. Amazon Delivery Service Partners (DSP) deliver packages for the company. As a DSP, residents can own their own business and have the opportunity to expand their fleet and add employees.

The Entrepreneurship Training Academy will provide two tracks:

  • Course 1: Own Your Own Business 101
  • Course 2: Amazon Delivery Service Partner Business Basics

To learn more about the Entrepreneurship Training Academy, go to www.detroitatwork.com



  • No tax breaks or public subsidies
  • Newly constructed 3.8 million square-foot anchor tenant facility
  • Developer also plans to redevelop the remaining 70 acres with other auto parts suppliers or other job generators
  • $42-million net benefit to Detroit over 10 year period
  • Under the terms of the proposed deal, the development team, Texas-based Hillwood and local partner the Sterling Group, will pay $9 million for the land and pay $7 million for a new DDOT transit center.
  • Developer to pay for cost of any demolition, environmental remediation and construction of facility
  • Construction could begin as early as October, with an anticipated open date of mid-2022


  • New $7 million state-of-the-art transit center to replace the current one on Woodward Avenue near State Fair.

  • Center to provide service to 30,000 riders a week from 9 separate bus routes

  • Offer an indoor waiting area for customers with heat and air conditioning

  • New Center will improve pedestrian safety

  • Site will offer clean bathrooms for both customers and operators

Center will provide residents safe, convenient pedestrian connections to the Meijer/Gateway Plaza, the new development at the State Fairgrounds, Woodward Avenue, and State Fair Avenue

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