Customer Policies

Past Due Accounts and Service Interruptions

Don't wait until your service has been interrupted for nonpayment. If you receive a final notice, call the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) immediately at (313) 267-8000 to pay your past due balance. If you need to make payment arrangements, visit a Customer Care Center during business hours. The 10/30/50 Payment Plan is available for DWSD customers who have difficulty paying your past due balance. DWSD also collaborates with community partners to connect customers to assistance programs, including the Water Residential Assistance Program. Customers are responsible for paying bills on time and in full. As part of DWSD's continuing efforts to keep rates low, customers who fail to keep their accounts current will be issued a final notice to pay the past-due bill. Service interruptions procedures begin if payment has not been received by the due date stated in the Final Notice. If service is terminated, full payment of the past due balance is required and a deposit may also be required.


Water Main Breaks

Cold Detroit winters and spring thaws can lead to breaks in the pipes that carry water to customers. DWSD has an aggressive leak detection program, but you can help too. Millions of gallons of precious drinking water resources can be lost in a short time, so fast detection is critical. If you suspect a leak in your neighborhood, please call DWSD at (313) 267-7401.


Construction and Restoration

On any given day, you may see crews around the city working to replace older water mains with new, more reliable equipment. Or, they may be installing new system facilities to meet growing service demands. In either case, DWSD employees make every effort to limit the impact and duration of construction.

And when construction is done, DWSD i committed to restoring sites to their original condition. The aim is to minimize inconvenience to you, however, seasonal conditions may preclude restoration during certain months. If you have questions about ongoing construction or restoration, please call:

Lawn and Concrete Issues: (313) 267-6245


Permits and Demolition

New or changed service may require a permit from DWSD. For questions on permits or demolition clearances, please call (313) 267-8000.

To change, install or repair a meter, call Customer Care at (313) 267-8000 .

Request a fire hydrant permit.


Property Damage / Sewerage Claims

Contact the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) immediately at 313-267-7401 upon discovery of an overflow or sewer backup.
If you have an overflow or sewer backup into your home or business, complete a DWSD property damage claim form. State law requires you file a written claim with DWSD within 45 days after the overflow or backup was discovered.


  • Download the DWSD Claim Form (pdf) and complete on your computer or mobile device then print and sign, or print and complete by hand.The claim form must be completed in its entirety and supporting documents must be attached. Failure to provide the required documentation will bar your claim.
  • Mail the claim form to:
    Detroit Water and Sewerage Department
    6425 Huber
    Detroit, MI  48211
    ATTN: Claims Division