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Detroit Police Department Shield Program

The Detroit Police Department SHIELD Program is operated by the Detroit Police Crime Intelligence Unit.

DPD SHIELD, the first program of its type in Michigan, was created in partnership with NYPD Shield, New York Police’s Department’s 17,000 member information-sharing network. As a member of the Global Shield Network (GSN), DPD SHIELD aims to partner with the public and private sector to strengthen the City of Detroit against terrorism and domestic threats by increasing the public and private sectors awarness and safety, building security partnerships, and enhancing resource and information sharing throughout Detroit. 

DPD SHIELD provides information to increase your awareness of suspicious activity and crime trends through a partnership and information sharing process. The Detroit Police Shield Program keeps its partners informed of relevant local and global incidents, new intelligence, upcoming events, and crime information developing in the City of Detroit.

Information is transmitted by one of several methods:

  • Presentations and Briefings
  • Newsletters and Bulletins
  • Email Alerts

Benefits of DPD SHIELD Partnership
We have a shared responsibility to provide for the safety and security of our community. The DPD SHIELD Program serves as the tool to accomplish this task; however, only by partnering together can we achieve success.
As a member of the DPD SHIELD Program, you will have an opportunity to take an active role in helping to make Detroit a wonderful place to live, work, and raise a family.