Community Partner Resources

Why Join SHIELD? 
With the growth of a thriving city and the promise of greater commerce in Detroit comes increased security concerns for law enforcement, business owners, worship centers and citizens alike. The public and private sectors are stronger working together than either is alone. This partnership is the cornerstone in defending the City against terrorism.

DPD Shield is a central destination to obtain critical information and engage police department resources.

DPD Shield also seeks information from our community and private sector partners to assist in our efforts to keep the City

What We Ask
The DPD SHIELD program is a communication two-way street. The key to success is information flowing in two directions. Community partners serve as the eyes and ears of the DPD SHIELD and serve to directly impact efforts to prevent crime and acts of terrorism by reporting suspicious behavior as soon as possible.

In addition, we recognize that our community partners are uniquely qualified to assist the Detroit Police Department personnel during an incident. You know what belongs and what is out of place. Sharing your perspective and working together, we are better prepared to face the most difficult challenges.