Islandview Greater Villages Planning Strategy

In an effort to achieve Mayor Duggan's commitment to neighborhoods, the City of Detroit's Planning and Development Department (PDD) is working on near-term implementation initiatives in several Detroit neighborhoods, including Islandview, West Village, Indian Village, and East Village.

The City of Detroit has mobilized a neighborhood strategy and implementation plan for the neighborhoods in the Islandview/Greater Villages (IVGV). Current near-term implementation efforts include the following:

  1. Landscape Design and Green Stormwater Infrastructure (General Services Department / Detroit Parks and Recreation Department)
    • Butzel Family Park Renovation

      Progress Update – Apr 2019 – Landscape Architecture and Design firm Spackmann Mossop Michaels (SMM) have been selected to work with the General Services Department (GSD) in the re-design of Butzel Family Park. To kick off this process the Parks and Recreation Division at GSD will have an open house to gather ideas and input from residents. The open house will be held at Butzel Family Recreation Center on April 11th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Please tell your neighbors! - Kids are encouraged to attend! 

      Project Contact:

      Jeff Klein
      Deputy Chief of Landscape Architecture, General Services Department
      [email protected]
  1. Streetscape and Neighborhood Connectivity (Department of Public Works)

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    • Beltline Greenway

      Progress Update – Apr 2019 -- This project is on an indefinite hold due to significant cost barriers related to land acquisition. The City remains committed to the project and will remain open to and continue to explore ideas for how to move the project forward.

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    • E. Jefferson Corridor Improvements

      Progress Update – April 2019 – This project is separate from implementation recommendations that emerged out of the Islandview/Greater Villages Process. The City of Detroit is planning improvements to support businesses, increase the safety and vibrancy of the street, enhance public transit, and repair underground utilities. There will be a public meeting on April 25, 2019 at the Butzel Family Recreation Center from 5:00pm – 6:30pm.

      More project information

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  1. Housing and Economic Development (Housing and Revitalization Department)
    • Single Family and Duplex Rehabilitation (Boundaries: Mack, Kercheval, Field, Van Dyke) - Apr 2019 Single Family Rehabilitation – The City and The Detroit Land Bank Authority, through its “Rehabbed and Ready” program, anticipate completing the renovation and sale of all 16 publicly owned homes in the area bound by Van Dyke, Field, Mack and Kercheval within the next 14 months. All homes have been cleaned out and boarded up and they will be renovated in batches. Once the first 6 are rehabbed contractors will start on the next 5, and when those 5 are completed they will start on the final 5. Information on the sale of these homes will be available soon.

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      Duplex Development – Apr 2019 The City recently received several responses to a request for qualifications (RFQ) seeking developers to rehabilitate the first 8 of 17 duplexes located in the area bound by Van Dyke, Field, Mack and Kercheval. The selection committee, consisting of neighborhood residents and stakeholders, expects to make a decision within the next few weeks and construction could begin as soon as Fall 2019 depending on the type of financing used to fund the project.

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    • Housing Preservation initiatives to identify and proactively address at-risk regulated and non-regulated affordable housing

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    • Townsend Infill Development

      Progress Update - April 2019 The City's Housing & Revitalization Department (HRD) recently received several proposals through a competitive request for qualifications (RFQ) process to build a new construction multi-family housing development project on 13 publicly-owned vacant parcels on Townsend Street directly West of the new entryway being planned for an expanded and improved Butzel Playfield. A developer will be selected by a committee of city employees and neighborhood residents and stakeholders by mid-March 2019 and construction is expected to start in the summer of 2020 after financing and permits have been secured

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    • Kercheval / Van Dyke Development

      Progress Update – Apr 2019 -- The Roxbury Group and Invest Detroit are pleased to announced that the project at the corner of Kercheval and Van Dyke was awarded a $3.5 million dollar loan on March 26, 2019 from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation through the Community Revitalization Program to fund construction costs. Our team is working diligently to complete all of the final paperwork to obtain the rest of the funding needed for construction. We will provide updates as we make progress and will be sure to announce our construction start date when we have a confirmed date. In the meantime, if you are a neighborhood retailer looking for space or know a neighborhood retailer looking for space please send an e-mail to [email protected]. Please include the name of your business and a short description. Looking forward to seeing you around the neighborhood!
    • Anticipated Multi-Family Mixed Use Development Progress Update -- Apr 2019 – The City continues to have conversations with Detroit Public Schools and Butzel Family Recreation Center about mixed-use multi-family development on their underutilized parking lots fronting Kercheval Avenue.
    • Vacant Land Strategy (Boundaries: Mack, Kercheval, Field, Van Dyke)

      Progress Update – Apr 2019 – City continues to examine all publicly-owned parcels within this boundary to explore future land use possibilities, either for additional development and/or land-based ventures.

      Land Based Ventures (LBV) – SURVEY RESPONSES REQUESTED
      Land Based Venture Neighborhood Survey: submit your responses

      Questions specifically related to survey, please email [email protected]

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  1. Rezoning Considerations to achieve development goals in items 1-3 listed above

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    A special thank you to Detroit-based firm Smith Group JJR and their team of consultants, who were the leading voices to the Islandview / Greater Villages Neighborhood Planning Effort in 2017 and 2018. Consultant Teams: Smith Group JJR (Lead), SCAPE Landscape Architecture, Christian Hurtienne Architects, Quinn Evans Architects, Copenhagenize, HR&A Advisors, Center for Community Progress, Streetsense, Inc.