Vibrant Blocks for Business

A Main Street Design Guide for More Beautiful Commercial Districts

Welcome to Vibrant Blocks! A commercial main street or district that’s designed well can,

      • support local businesses;

      • incubate new ones;

      • stimulate hyper-local economies and keep money in the community;

      • provide access to needed jobs, goods and services;

      • encourage walking and alternative transportation;

      • and be the center of cultural and social activity

                              ... all in one place!


The Vibrant Blocks Main Street Design Guidelines were developed along side community partners and local businesses to achieve a these outcomes! This is both a tool for the City’s design review and a go-to guide for commercial corridor redevelopment.  The guide strives to restore commercial corridors as the backbone of neighborhoods, where people take pride in the unique beauty where they live and work. Where business owners and community members have a sense of ownership and invest to create a better place to be. And above all, where each corridor honors and respects our past and acknowledges the present communities and businesses that are there today. 

Vibrant Blocks Main Street Design Guide




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