Grand Parklet Streetscape Project

The Grand Parklet Streetscape Project is anticipated to be coming in Summer/Fall of 2020. 


What is going on? 

The City of Detroit is currently in design of the Grand Parklet Streetscape Project which will be at the corner of Purtian/Plainview/Grand River. The project will include new sidewalk, lighting, landscaping, new parklet space, decorative concrete work, and seating. 

Below is a project rendering  that shows the concept of the project.


Grand Parklet Project Rendering


When will the Grand Parklet Streetscape Project happen?

The project is anticipated to start construction in the summer/fall of 2020. The City is currently in the engineering and design phase of the project. 

You can sign up for project updates on the link below:

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Who can I contact about further information on the Project?

Contact Gustavo Serratos, Project Manager of Complete Streets, DPW at [email protected] 

Other Resources:

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