Rental Property

MORE THAN HALF OF ALL HOUSING UNITS in the city of Detroit are renter-occupied, and more than half of Detroit’s children live in rental units.  The quality and safety of rental housing in the city is therefore critical to improving the quality of life for our residents, and landlords play a central role in this effort.  By implementing a rental registration and certification program, the City of Detroit strives to ensure that its residents are provided with safe, quality housing and that rental properties serve as assets to the neighborhoods in which they are located. The City is working in partnership with responsible landlords to support their business and provide better rental housing.

Landlords and rental property managers play a pivotal role in the stabilization and revitalization of Detroit’s neighborhoods. That is why BSEED, with the support of the Center for Community Progress, has developed this Landlord Compliance Manual to help landlords easily access critical information and resources to operate their business in the city. The Landlord Compliance Manual is intended to provide clarity to landlords on the City’s requirements, simplify the process for reaching compliance, and help connect landlords to cost-saving resources to improve their properties. Check back periodically for information updates such as upcoming Landlord Seminars, ordinance changes and new available resources.

Landlords are required to provide safe, quality housing to their tenants. Your landlord must have the property you live in registered with the City and possess a valid Certificate of Compliance, showing that the property meets City building and maintenance standards. To determine if the property you are in is properly registered and has a current Certificate of Compliance, or to report a property that doesn’t meet City requirements:

Want to know if your landlord has properly registered and certified the property you are currently renting? Looking to rent in the city of Detroit, and need helping finding an apartment with a valid Certificate of Compliance?

Do you know what your maintenance responsibilities are as a tenant, or what rights you have to ensure you are living in a safe rental unit?

Learn About Your Tenant Rights and Resposiblities: