Solar Deployment

O'Shea Park Solar Panels
 Request for Information (RFI) - 183562,1

The City of Detroit through this RFI seeks feedback on the number and type of projects that would best achieve the goal of generating enough renewable energy to power municipal operations and buildings with locally generated and City-owned solar power.

The City is interested in learning more regarding potential structures for the agreements related to those solar installations. Building from the Solar Opportunity Study published by the Office of Sustainability in 2019, this RFI seeks additional information based on current conditions and dynamics. Please refer to the available documents on the Office of Sustainability website as you formulate a response. The information gained in this RFI will assist the City in identifying what actions it can take to formulate a successful RFP at a future date with a preferred deal structure on identified parcels, should it choose this path towards its goals.

RESPONSE DUE DATE: October 16, 2023, 03:00 PM EST



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