Private Property Tree Trimming & Removal

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Blight Tree Removal & Trimming


6/5/23 2:00 PM


The City of Detroit Office of Contracting and Procurement on behalf of The General Service Department (GSD) is seeking qualified vendors to provide tree trimming, removal and stump grinding services for trees located on private properties throughout the city. These tree services will occur in the front and/or back yards of privately-owned residential properties. The selected vendors must have the expertise to safely and efficiently address the trimming or removal of trees that are deemed to be dangerous, dead or diseased.

Scope of Work

The work to be performed under this contract includes furnishing all labor, equipment, materials, and expertise necessary to remove or trim trees on privately-owned residential properties in the City of Detroit. The trees being serviced may or may not be in proximity to overhead utilities. The trees may also be adjacent to residential structures, protruding over residential structures or adjacent to other structures such as garages, carports, storage sheds or recreational equipment. Trees may vary in size from 19-60 inches in diameter breast height (DBH).

Minimum Qualifications

Qualifying vendor must: 

• Have minimum of three (3) years’ experience providing services 

• Provide 5 references of previous experience.


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