ParaTransit Rider Alert: Detroit MetroLift Service and November Service Changes

DDOT ParaTransit Rider Alert

DDOT service changes go into effect on Monday, November 15. Service will remain available for Detroit MetroLift riders. Detroit MetroLift travels the same fixed route bus area and ¾ of a mile beyond the last stop, meaning no change to the paratransit service after November 15.

Paratransit Service Area Borders, November 15th 2021

Map showing the service area of Detroit MetroLift starting November 15


Legend of the paratransit Service Area borders. A solid black outline indicates a City of Detroit. A solid blue line indicates the routes starting November 15. A gray shaded area indicated the service area starting November 15. A dotted red line indicates a discontinued route. A solid red line indicates the current service area as of November 1. The white background area indicates neighboring cities. A solid gray line indicates a major road.


Service Area is 3/4 miles from DDOT bus stops. The service area covers the city of Detroit, and parts of bordering suburbs. The decision to discontinue certain service was based on nearby service within 1/2 mile, and as such, the paratransit service area remains the same.