Motor City Match Round 25 grants to help entrepreneurs open new businesses in 19 Detroit neighborhoods

  • $1.24 million in cash grants awarded to 23 new businesses at Round 25 Awards ceremony.
  • New Detroit ventures include a childcare center, multimedia production studio, mini market selling household goods and multiple cafes and restaurants specializing in different cuisines.
  • In Round 25, 81% are minority-owned businesses; 71% are women-owned businesses; and 68% are businesses owned by Detroit residents.
  • Since doubling its grant funding thanks to funding from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) in August 2022, more than $17.1 million in grants have been awarded through the program to new and existing businesses.


Mayor Mike Duggan and the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC) awarded more than $1.2 million in grants to support 23 Detroit businesses in Round 25 of Motor City Match. The grants will the opening of nearly two dozen new storefronts in the city of Detroit.

The twenty-three new businesses will be located across 19 Detroit neighborhoods, including Cadillac Heights, Sherwood Forest, Eastern Market, Bagley and New Center (full list below). The latest group of Motor City Match recipients include an assortment of businesses and services, including a childcare center, multimedia production studio, a mini market selling household essentials and several restaurants showcasing diverse cuisines like Filipino food.

“Motor City Match continues to help new entrepreneurs transform neighborhood commercial districts throughout our city,” said Mayor Duggan. “In this round alone, residents in nearly 20 individual neighborhoods will have new goods and services accessible near their homes.”

MCM Rd 25 press pic1
Mayor Duggan congratulates grant recipients during round 25 award ceremony.


Program impact doubled through federal ARPA dollars

In addition to the $1.2 million in grants to help the 23 new brick-and-mortar businesses open, eight existing small businesses were awarded a total of $171,800 to make physical improvements to their existing space, bringing the total investment into small businesses in this round to $1.4 million. 

“This funding is helping propel 23 Detroit businesses forward as they grow their companies and make their entrepreneurial dreams happen. But even more, this investment supports the bigger picture – it contributes to making Detroit a vibrant, economically strong city that we all care deeply about,” said DEGC President and CEO Kevin Johnson. “The DEGC remains dedicated to nurturing a thriving business community here in Detroit, and we can't wait to see the positive changes these grants will spark in our neighborhoods.”

A major source of funding for Motor City Match grants is President Biden's American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA). The injection of ARPA dollars has enabled the program to double its quarterly grant awards to more than $1 million per round, assisting even more entrepreneurs in renovating and revitalizing their spaces. Since Round 20, this influx of $8 million has empowered local business owners to pursue their aspirations while uplifting the wider Detroit community. By leveraging the federal funding, Motor City Match continues opening doors for small businesses across the city.

MCM Rd 25 press pic2
Mayor Duggan, DEGC officials, and City Council gather to award Motor City Match recipients.


The program also offered awards to 52 more entrepreneurs in its Business Plan, Develop and Design tracks in addition to the grants. These awards offer essential support for Detroit businesses still working on their projects, including business services, training and one-on-one advising.

In total, 83 Detroit businesses representing seven council districts received support from Motor City Match’s 25th round.

“Each year the DEGC through Motor City Match continues to expand its reach by tapping new businesses and entrepreneurs within various markets and industries to grow and support our small business community,” said Detroit City Council President Mary Sheffield. “This program continues to assist the creative and innovative business owners in Detroit who have a vision for their communities and understand the important role small businesses play in creating and developing strong ties to our residents and neighborhoods.”

Since 2015, Motor City Match has awarded more than 2,000 businesses, resulting in 165 new brick-and-mortar businesses currently operating throughout the city.

MCM Rd 25 press pic3
Mayor Duggan joins business owner LaDonna Reynolds, Council President Sheffield, Councilmember Durhal III, and DEGC President Kevin Johnson.


Through 25 rounds of the program:

  • Total business open: 165
  • Total businesses under construction: 93
  • Total cash grants: $17.1 million
  • Total leveraged investment: $98 million
  • 81 percent are minority-owned businesses
  • 71 percent are women-owned businesses
  • 68 percent are businesses owned by Detroit residents
  • 2,019 total business served

About Motor City Match

Motor City Match is a unique partnership between the City of Detroit, the Detroit Economic Growth Corporation (DEGC), the Economic Development Corporation of the City of Detroit (EDC) and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). Competitive financial assistance is supported by a broad partnership of Southeast Michigan community development financial institutions and corporations including, Bank of America, Fifth Third Bank, Ford Foundation, Hudson Webber Foundation, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Knight Foundation, The Kresge Foundation, New Economy Initiative and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. Motor City Match applications are available quarterly. More information is available at

Motor City Match Round 25 Cash awardees:  

  • Good Vibes Lounge Express – $75,000
    • Full-service contemporary social lounge offering food and beverage
    • 18597 Livernois
    • Bagley, District 2
  • 1st Step Healthcare Training LLC – $20,000
  • A certified nursing assistant training school offering classroom instruction and practical experience to prepare students to pass their CNA certification exam
  • 7800 W Outer Drive
  • Greenwich, District 2
  • Anna’s Café – $50,000
    • Petite mobile espresso cart
    • 81 Erskine
    • Brush Park, District 6
  • CircleTime with Friends Learning Center Too – $85,000
    • Provides affordable and high-quality childcare services to local families
    • 5400 E Seven Mile
    • Krainz Woods, District 3
  •  Cook Like a Boss Detroit– $30,000
  • A hospitality and entertainment venue offering instructional cooking classes using the COOK LIKE A BOSS® approach to teach home culinary skills
  • 1312 Mt. Elliot
  • Eastern Market, District 5
  • Savoy Restaurant – $75,000
  • An East Warren corridor establishment providing exceptional food, service, and entertainment to customers
  • 17131 E Warren
  • Cornerstone Village, District 4
  • Whittier Bodega – $50,000
    • An inner-city neighborhood grocery/convenience store for all household and cosmetic items
    • 11001 Whittier
    • Outer Drive-Hayes, District 4
  • ENOMAH 1895 LLC – $65,000
    • An elevated Asian American dining experience located in the heart of downtown Detroit in Paradise Valley where guests will experience a culinary journey for dinner, nightlife and entertainment
    • 311 E Grand River
    • Downtown, District 6
  • Goodboy Multimedia – $30,000
    • Goodboy Multimedia operates as a dynamic multimedia company specializing in photography, videography, graphic design, live stream, and more
    • 3939 Woodward, Ste 40
    • Midtown, District 6
  • Jess Love Boutique, LLC – $25,000
    • Jess Love Boutique specializes in catering to plus-size women, presenting a thoughtfully curated array of fashionable, high-quality clothing that includes collaborations with local designers
    • 19194 Livernois
    • Sherwood Forest, District 2
  • JIMA Studio – $30,000
    • A landscape architectural design and urban planning studio that collaborates with community groups, organizations and builders committed to culturally relevant placemaking and strategic implementation
    • 8045 Linwood
    • Wildemere Park, District 5
  • Josephine’s Learning Center – $45,000
    • A developmental program, fostering children's learning through play with a primary focus on promoting positive self-esteem
    • 17481 Joseph Campau
    • Cadillac Heights, District 3
  • JP Makes & Bakes – $60,000
    • JP Makes & Bakes is a bakery serving high-quality Asian and Filipino food
    • 6529 Woodward
    • New Center, District 5
  • Louisiana Creole Gumbo Restaurants – $75,000
    • Louisiana Creole Gumbo comprises a collection of quick-service restaurants specializing in authentic Creole, Cajun and southern dishes.
    • 2830 Gratiot
    • McDougall-Hunt, District 5
  • Little Liberia, LLC – $80,000
    • Afrofusion pop-up restaurant introducing Liberia's rich multicultural cuisines to the people of metro Detroit
    • 6513 Woodward
    • New Center, District 5
  • Little Minds Enrichment Center LLC – $50,000
    • A full-service juice bar, community hub and event center
    • 12518 Hayes
    • Mapleridge, District 4
  • Little Stinkers: Kiddie Kaboodles Learning Village – $60,000
  • Offers a comprehensive enrichment program catering to children age 4 through 14 for before and after school activities A comprehensive before and after school enrichment program for children ages 4-14
  • 15600 W Seven Mile
  • Greenfield, District 2
  • Modish Creative Co – $30,000
  • pecializes in delivering dynamic brand strategies tailored to the specific needs of each client
  • 7450 Woodward
  • North End, District 5
  • One Seven Spaces – $60,000
  • An hourly short-term commercial rental company for intimate gatherings, social immersion experiences, podcasts, talkbacks, filming and other media events
  • 1314 Holden St Unit D
  • Elijah McCoy, District 5
  • Pink Poodle Dress Lounge – $50,000
  • A dress shop that offers wedding, prom, and formal dresses to its valued customers
  • 19147 Livernois
  • Bagley, District 2
  • Rent Free Coffee Co. – $50,000
  • Specialty coffee shop and social club
  • 10103 Kercheval
  • East Village, District 5
  • Stafford House – $75,000
  • Provides engineering consulting to automotive suppliers
  • 9301 Oakland
  • North End, District 5
  • Warda Patisserie – $75,000
  • Warda Patisserie is an award-winning patisserie drawing inspiration from the seasons in Southeast Michigan and the culinary influences of Algeria, France, and Asia.
  • 1280 McClellan
  • East Village, District 5

Motor City Match Round 25 Restore awardees:  

  • Andrews and Hardy Funeral Home – $25,000
    • 13841 Gratiot Ave
    • Franklin, District 3
  • Dollar Daze Plus Two Inc. – $25,000
    • 13881 Gratiot Ave
    • Franklin, District 3
  • DSDT– $25,000
    • 1759 21st St
    • Central Southwest, District 6
  • Kiddos Village Academy, Inc. – $3,500
    • 16950 East Warren Ave
    • East English Village, District 4
  • Hygrade Deli – $25,000
    • 3640 Michigan Ave
    • Chadsey Condo, District 6
  • Yum Village LLC (New Center) – $25,000
    • 6500 Woodward Ave
    • Milwaukee Junction, District 5
  • Yum Village LLC (West Village) – $25,000
    • 8029 Agnes St
    • West Village, District 5
  • MMB Enterprises, Inc. – $18,300
    • 19721 W. 7 Mile Rd
    • Evergreen-Outer Drive, District 1
MCM Rd 25 press pic4