ARPA Programs/Projects

ARPA Programs A-Z

Program Name/Link Can be found in:
ACE Arts Alley Initiative Neighborhood Beautification
Adult High School Certification Program Neighborhood Investments 2
Basement Backup Protection Program City Services and Infrastructure
Barrier Removal Employment and Job Creation
BSEED Inspections to Support City Services City Services and Infrastructure
Blight Remediation, Industrial and Commercial Blight Remediation
Blight to Beauty Neighborhood Beautification
C-VIBE Neighborhood Investments 2
Capacity Building Employment and Job Creation
Cease Fire Detroit Outreach Neighborhood Investments 2
CDO Home Repair Program Neighborhood Investments 1
Chandler Park Athletic Field House Neighborhood Investments 3
Choice Neighborhoods Implementation: Greater Corktown Intergenerational Poverty 3
City Council Support City Services and Infrastructure
City of Detroit Records Management at Oakman City Services and Infrastructure
Commercial Corridor Parking Small Business
Community Health Corps Neighborhood Investments 2
Community Safety Code Enforcement City Services and Infrastructure
Connect 313 Digital Inclusion Data Operation Digital Divide
COVID19 Expenditures City Services and Infrastructure
Credit Support Small Business
Detroit Digital and Literacy Skilling Program Digital Divide
Detroit Housing Commission Connected Communities Digital Divide
Detroit Public Library Technology Lending Initiative Digital Divide
Detroit Small Business Launcher Small Business
Development Stimulus Support via Process Improvements Small Business
Dexter Ave Streetscape Parks, Recreation, and Culture
Dexter/Elmhurst Recreation Center Neighborhood Investments 3
DFD Annex Build Out Public Safety
Digital Equity Coordination and Technical Support Digital Divide
Digital Inclusion Marketing and Communications Services Digital Divide
DoIT ARPA Digital Equity Manager Digital Divide
DoIT ARPA Project Oversight Digital Divide
DoIT Data Center Upgrades Project City Services and Infrastructure
DoIT Network Infrastructure Replacement City Services and Infrastructure
DoIT PC Refresh Project City Services and Infrastructure
DoIT Server, Storage, and Backup System Replacement City Services and Infrastructure
Down Payment Assistance Intergenerational Poverty 3
DPD Training Academy Literacy Program City Services and Infrastructure
Enterprise Constituent Relationship Management Software City Services and Infrastructure
Enterprise Data Warehouse City Services and Infrastructure
Farwell Recreation Center Gym Neighborhood Investments 3
FY23 Capital Budget Supplemental City Services and Infrastructure
Gun Violence Reduction Plan Public Safety
Homelessness Prevention Intergenerational Poverty 3
HOPE Village Fiber Neighborhood Activation Digital Divide
Housing Client Management and Financial and Legal Counseling Services Intergenerational Poverty 2
Housing Resource Navigation Intergenerational Poverty 2
Incentives Portal Program City Services and Infrastructure
IT Jobs and Careers (JET) Employment and Job Creation
JET ARPA Oversight Project 1 Neighborhood Investments 2 and Employment and Job Creation
JET ARPA Oversight Project 2 Neighborhood Investments 2
Joe Louis Greenway Parks, Recreation, and Culture
Joe Louis Greenway Neighborhood Planning Parks, Recreation, and Culture
Ladder 30 Renovation Public Safety
Landlord Repair Program Intergenerational Poverty 3
Lawton Parole Center Neighborhood Investments 2
Lee Plaza City Services and Infrastructure
Neighborhood Beautification Program Neighborhood Investments 1
Neighborhood Opportunity Fund Neighborhood Investments 1
Neighborhood Signs Neighborhood Investments 1
Ossain Sweet Complex Parks, Recreation, and Culture
Palmer Park Bandshell Neighborhood Investments 3
Park Plans Parks, Recreation, and Culture
Property Tax Foreclosure Prevention and Outreach Intergenerational Poverty 3
Public Facility Accessibility Program Neighborhood Investments 1
Renew Detroit Intergenerational Poverty 1
Resources for Families Impacted by Gun Violence Neighborhood Investments 2
Retention Improvement – Sworn DPD Personnel Public Safety
Roosevelt Park Construction Parks, Recreation, and Culture
Senior Employment Employment and Job Creation
ShotSpotter Expansion Public Safety
Single Family Home Ownership Preservation Intergenerational Poverty 3
Skills for Life Education Employment and Job Creation
Skills for Life Work Employment and Job Creation
Small Business Capacity Building Small Business
Small Business COVID Response Small Business
Summer Youth Employment Program Employment and Job Creation
SW Fiber Neighborhood Activation Digital Divide
Traffic Enforcement Public Safety
Veteran’s Housing Program Intergenerational Poverty 3