DDOT announces service enhancements, increased frequency on several routes


The Detroit Department of Transportation today announces increased frequency of bus service on the 9-Jefferson route and other additional runs, beginning Monday January 22, 2024. DDOT has seen an increased number of new operators in recent months, which will help support the enhanced service frequency.  

Earlier this month, DDOT graduated 30 new Transit Equipment Operators and have 115 students in class week of January 15, 2024. Mayor Duggan also announced a $3 per hour raise on the starting wage and wage cap for transit equipment officers, and an additional $500 to what was a $1000 quarterly bonus for good attendance. This pay raise, approved by Detroit City Council on Tuesday January 16, 2024, has increased the number of applicants even more.  

The 9-Jefferson, the first Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) pilot project, will see daytime frequency increased to every 10 minutes on weekdays and 15 minutes on weekends. Through implementation of improved services on Jefferson, future city amenities will feature: 

  • Temporary bus stop islands, eliminating the need for buses to change lanes and merge in and out of traffic  
  • Bus stop consolidations for a consistent ¼-mile spacing helping to speed the service 
  • Permanent boarding islands in coordination with DPW improvements  
  • New/improved shelters with information displays at selected locations 
  • “Connection Corners” improvements at major transfer intersections 

Bus frequency also will be added to 16-Dexter and 18-Fenkell, and peak period runs will be added to a number of other routes, including: 3- Grand River 13- Conner 15- Chicago/Davison 19- Fort 7- Seven Mile 27- Joy 60- Evergreen 67- Cadillac/Harper

Visit detroitmi.gov/DDOT to learn more about applying to be a bus operator. 

DDOT Service enhancement pic
DDOT Transit Equipment Operators selecting their route for the upcoming months.


Jefferson Service enhancement
Changes starting Monday, January 22 will mean increased daytime service on both weekdays and weekends on the 9-Jefferson route.


DDOT changes graphic
More DDOT drivers on the road will mean increased service to several areas of Detroit.