City leaders, residents celebrate start of construction on second major leg of Joe Louis Greenway


City leaders, residents celebrate start of construction on second major leg of Joe Louis Greenway

  • Construction begins on half-mile section of recreational loop from Grand River to Fullerton
  • First section of JLG from Joy Road to Tireman nearing completion, to open later this fall
  • Community to see new development and neighborhood investments it hasn’t seen in 20 years
  • Blight to Beauty: 2,200 tons of waste and more than 200 tires already removed in clean up and land clearing.

DETROIT – Today, city officials and community members celebrated a first-of-its-kind investment in a tight-knit community at Grand River to Fullerton on Detroit’s West Side: the start of construction on a second leg of the transformational Joe Louis Greenway.

The Joe Louis Greenway is a 27.5-mile path that will connect Detroiters in 23 neighborhoods to existing trails like the Dequindre Cut, the Detroit Riverfront, four other cities, and each other. The Grand River to Fullerton section of the path will stretch just over a one-half mile with a half-acre greenspace at the Oakman entrance. Construction costs for this section of the greenway are being paid for with $11 million from the city’s share of American Rescue Plan Act funds.

City officials helped the community celebrate all that is to come for their neighborhood.

“District 7 is now the epicenter of revitalization when it comes to walkability and connectivity as the Joe Louis Greenway comes to our neighborhoods,” said Councilmember Fred Durhal III. “With hopes of storefronts and economic development along the trail, residents will now be a part of a narrative that reflects the true trajectory of Detroit.”

In May 2021, the city began construction on the first leg of the greenway, from Joy Road to Warren, which will be completed and open to the public for the first time later this fall.  Construction on this second leg is expected to be completed in Spring of 2023.

Recognizing the profound impact that the Joe Louis Greenway will have on Detroit neighborhoods, we placed community engagement at the top of our priority list. Extensive community engagement informed the Joe Louis Greenway Framework Plan, which set the vision and design of the greenway. The City is now embarking on a new neighborhood planning study to support adjacent neighborhood opportunities.

“The City of Detroit’s Planning and Development Department is excited to begin The Joe Louis Greenway

Neighborhood Planning Study. Through this planning study we will work with residents, businesses, and

other neighborhood stakeholders to build on the vision set forth by the JLG Framework,” said Antoine Bryant, Planning and Development Director. “The planning process will result in a place-based, resident informed road map of program, policy, and project recommendations for the neighborhood areas near the JLG. Our aim is to support existing residents, while growing new homeownership and affordable housing opportunities while leveraging the greenway investment to spur new economic opportunity.”

Because this is a project on a scale Detroiters have never seen, City officials felt it was that Detroiters were engaged on a scale to match to address any concerns neighboring residents may have regarding the project’s impact on the fabric of neighborhood and fears about displacement.  Since 2019, the City has held more than 60 community conversations with in-depth conversations and collaborative design with neighbors. Throughout the course of this massive citywide project, the City’s General Services Department and Joe Louis Greenway team will continue to engage the community to guide the final route and design plans, Bryant said.

The greenway’s impact will also extend far beyond the boundaries of the path itself, creating opportunities for Detroiters. It will create jobs and affordable housing opportunities, and lead to new opportunities for small businesses, both those that are already here and those yet to come.

“The Joe Louis Greenway will not only bring beauty directly to residents it will bring neighborhood development and enhanced resources,” said Brad Dick, Group Executive, Services & Infrastructure. “Residents will see new businesses, new housing, blight remediation, home demolitions, and enhanced resources and development.”

Community members are excited about seeing new development come to their community.

“We are very excited about the greenway coming to our community, it is long overdue to see improvements take place, we hope to see new businesses, new residents, and improvements to the area surrounding our school and an overall improved sense of community in the neighborhood, said Sandra Pickens, President, Littlefield Community Association.

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SAVE THE DATE: Fall Fest: Joe Louis Greenway Event, Saturday, October 29, Intersection of Joy Rd. & Alpine, 12PM – 4PM



Rendering of Grand River to Fullerton



2,200 tons of debris removed and more than 200 tires.