City donates 500 decommissioned computers to be refurbished and provided to Detroit families


City donates 500 decommissioned computers to be refurbished and provided to Detroit families

  • Part of Partnership with human-I-T to provide free technology to lower-income Detroit residents to bridge city’s digital divide

DETROIT – Hundreds of City government computers recently replaced for newer models will be completely refurbished and distributed for free to Detroit families in need of technology and access to the Internet, thanks to a partnership between the City and nonprofit human-I-T.  The donation of more than 500 decommissioned city computers is part of the city’s larger strategy for bridging Detroit’s digital divide through its partners at Connect313.

Half of the computers were delivered today, and the remainder will be delivered in the coming weeks.  All 500 computers first will be wiped of any existing and sensitive data. Most will be refurbished to be provided to Detroit families lacking access to technology by human-I-T and its community partners.  Devices that may be damaged or too old to be refurbished will be disposed of in an environmentally sensitive manner.   

"Our longstanding commitment to digital equity is realized through our partnerships,” said Detroit’s Director of Digital Inclusion, Joshua Edmonds. “This initiative will allow us to make a positive impact on the environment while also empowering Detroit families with technology needed to access opportunities in the digital age."

If a family receiving a donated computer does not currently have internet access or needs assistance, human-I-T uses a 4-pillar approach to helping citizens acquire computer devices and internet access, as well as with tech support and training.

“With the City of Detroit's partnership and commitment to donate technology to human-I-T, we will be able to protect our planet by diverting items from landfills and provide Detroiters access to unlock opportunities and achieve their fullest potential,” said Jennifer Jambor, Senior Manager of Programs for human-I-T. “ We believe in equitable access and the City is helping human-I-T ensure Detroiters have access to devices, low-cost internet, digital skills training, and technical support."   

Since opening in Detroit in August of 2020, Human-I-T has delivered the following local impact:

  • 28 jobs at its Focus: HOPE facility; 14 held by Detroit residents (50%)
  • 14,042 laptops & tablets distributed
  • 2,756 households connected to high-speed, low-cost internet
  • Over 7,000 Wi-Fi hotspots distributed
  • 17,750 tech support tickets completed to support DPSCD students
  • Over 1,000,000+ pounds of e-waste processed

How to get a computer now

While it will take several months before the donated city computers will be ready for distribution, families in need of a computer can get on a list to receive one from human-I-T from its existing inventory.  Residents of Detroit who would like access to low-cost computers, laptops, and tablets, or help getting reduced-rate broadband internet, or tech support or training can call 888-391-7249 or visit

How to donate an unneeded computer

Detroit businesses can take advantage of the partnership with human-I-T to recycle and donate technology that they no longer need. With a simple phone call, donors can access human-I-T’s industry-leading IT asset disposition services. human-I-T will arrange an equipment pickup, securely wipe devices of sensitive data, refurbish, and update them, and donate them to local community organizations and individuals who lack access to technology. Damaged or broken items are also accepted for end-of-life product disposal. All donations are tax-deductible.

About human-I-T:

human-I-T is a nonprofit social enterprise that creates sustainable opportunities for people, organizations, and the planet. Based in the Oakman Boulevard neighborhood in the Upper Westside, human-I-T connects Detroit residents to technology, devices, and affordable internet plans through its innovative programs and partnerships. For more information, visit

About Connect313:

Connect 313 is a collaborative social good initiative comprised of residents, corporations and community organizations all committed to empowering Detroiters with quality computers, reliable internet, and personalized technology support. Most recently, Connect 313 Launched, EBB 313, a local internet access campaign that provides a monthly $50 discount on internet bills for qualified Detroiters. 

Founding Connect 313 members include the City of Detroit, Rocket Community Fund, Microsoft, and the United Way for Southeast Michigan. To join the Connect 313 movement check out connect313.


Staff from human-I-T unload the first of 500 decommissioned computers donated by the City of Detroit to be refurbished and distributed to Detroit families. 


Detroit resident Jami Jackson works for human-I-T to refurbish donated computers to put them back to work for Detroit families


Detroit's Director of Digital Inclusion, Joshua Edmonds, discusses the city's donation as part of its overall effort to close the city's digital divide by getting Detroiters access to technology. 


Computers donated by the City of Detroit are delivered and await processing before being distributed to Detroit families.  Those that cannot be refurbished will be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner.