Digital Equity & Inclusion

Digital Equity & Inclusion

The Office of Digital Equity & Inclusion (DEI) provides solutions and resources to close the digital divide across the City of Detroit; while providing affordable quality high-speed internet, access to devices, digital literacy training, tech support, and upgraded city-wide internet infrastructure.

What Issue Are We Solving

Digital inequities have been an issue across the City of Detroit for decades. COVID-19 has amplified the digital divide, as tens of thousands of Detroit residents didn’t have access to a device, home internet, and tech skills training. They invest in digital inclusion, access to devices, internet, and tech training built around tech support and upgraded internet infrastructure. We will help Detroit rebuild its economy post-COVID-19 by increasing racial equity as Black and Brown residents get connected and gain the opportunity to build IT skills and IT Workforce Development training as the City of Detroit continues to transition into one of the top connected cities in the United States.

Defining The Issue

The digital divide is the gap between those with affordable access, skills, and support to effectively engage online and those without. As technology constantly evolves, the digital divide prevents equal participation and opportunity in all parts of life, disproportionately affecting people of color, Indigenous people, households with low incomes, people with disabilities, people in rural areas, and older adults.

Aligned with the mayor’s transparency initiative, an interactive digital dashboard defining the needs of residents of the City of Detroit, from areas identified as low-income neighborhoods, connectivity, access to devices to opportunities for digital literacy skills building, and IT workforce training.


Detroit Tech Hubs Near Me

Looking for a tech hub in the City of Detroit? Click the map below to find the closest tech hub near you (this map is a pilot program, app in development). Using the map you can identify which tech hubs in the City of Detroit provide: free wifi, devices, and basic digital literacy training. 

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DEI Interactive Data State of Digital Equity in Detroit

Focused on driving decisions the residents of Detroit, we are analyzing vital demographic data points, some of which are clearly defined as digital equity data points. The interactive dashboard allows us to be transparent with the residents of the City of Detroit and how we allocate resources and services to close the digital divide in the City of Detroit. We are taking a data driven approach allowing us to create customized digital equity plans for each district and neighborhood to meet the needs of the community.

This interactive dashboard provides residents with a transparent view of the DEI digital equity resource allocation. A data-driven approach will allow the DEI team to create customized digital equity rollout plans for each district and neighborhood.


Click the picture below to access the interactive dashboard to see what DEI resources will be allocated to your neighborhood.

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Your voice is important to us!

DEI Survey – Your voice is important to us! Click the link below to help us meet the needs of our community. Together we can close the Digital Divide.

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