Historic District Commission


  • James Hamilton, Chair
  • Dennis Miriani, Vice Chair
  • Richard Hosey
  • Alease Johnson
  • Tiffany Franklin
  • Katie Miller-Johnson
  • Jessica McCall


Formed by Detroit Ordinance 161-H in 1976, the Detroit Historic District Commission’s purpose (HDC) is to ensure the preservation of historically and culturally significant areas of the City which are designated by City Council as Local Historic Districts. Appointed by the Mayor, the Commission is comprised of seven Detroit residents.

The Commission is staffed by the City of Detroit Planning and Development Department. In addition to administering building permit application review for all exterior changes to a building or site in a designated district, HDC staff works closely with residents on a broad array of design and maintenance issues.

It has been demonstrated that the preservation of cultural, social, spiritual, economic, political, engineering and architectural history often stabilizes and improves property values, strengthens the local economy and fosters community pride.



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