Historic Designation Advisory Board

The mission of the Historic Designation Advisory Board (HDAB) is to advise City Council on all matters regarding historic preservation including requests for the designation of local historic districts. The staff of the Advisory Board can further assist residents with specific preservation questions and concerns as well as serve as a general resource to the community.


The Historic Designation Advisory Board has nine members, who are residents of Detroit, and two ex officio members as represented by the Director of the City Planning Commission and the Director of the Planning and Development Department. Two ad hoc members are appointed by City Council in conjunction with studies of particular proposed historic districts.  


Board Members

Zene´ Fogel-Gibson, Chair

Carolyn Carter, Vice Chair

Melanie A. Bazil, Secretary

Naomi Beasley-Porter

Keith Dye

Louis J. Fisher

Theresa Holder-Hagood

Calvin Jackson

Joseph Rashid





City Council President
City Council Pro Tem