Special Historic District Commission (HDC) Meeting - 9/22/2021


Because of COVID-19 restrictions, this meeting will be held electronically and is open to the public.

See the meeting agenda attached below for the Zoom link and phone number to attend the virtual meeting (information located at the top of the agenda).
Public Hearing:

To provide comment at the time of the Public Hearing, please raise your hand within the Zoom application. 

  1. Web participants: Raise your hand by clicking raise hand in the application or pressing
    • Windows Computer = [ALT] + [Y]
    • Apple Computer = [OPTION] + [Y]
  2. Telephone participants: Raise your hand by pressing *9.


Regularly scheduled Historic District Commission (HDC) meeting. See meeting agenda attached. Please note: Agenda may be modified between online posting and actual meeting.


The HDC was formed in 1976 by Detroit Ordinance 161-H and is composed of seven citizen members appointed by the Mayor. Staffed by the Planning and Development Department, the purpose of the HDC is to ensure the preservation of historically and culturally significant areas of the city designated as Historic Districts by the City Council.

It is through the administration of a Building Permit Application Review for properties included within Historic Districts that the HDC ensures the preservation of the City's historic fabric. Based on the appropriateness of the proposed work, the HDC may approve or deny the application.

For properties located within Historic Districts, HDC approval and a Certificate of Appropriateness is required prior to obtaining a building permit to perform the work.