DWSD Construction

The Detroit Water & Sewerage Department (DWSD) is replacing several water mains in 2019 as part of its five-year capital improvement program. The locations chosen are based on engineering studies: The number of breaks and risk of failure, pressure evaluations, consequence of failure (i.e., near a school or hospital), and other criteria. DWSD will communicate with residents and businesses on the scheduled streets before, during and after construction.

DWSD will also replace existing lead service lines with copper pipe to connect the house to the new water main, and will reach out to the customer to get permission in advance.

Residents and businesses on the project streets can expect dust, debris, heavy equipment, partial street closures, and temporary disruption of lawns, sidewalks and driveways. Most work is performed Monday through Friday 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. DWSD contractors will restore lawns, sidewalks and driveways disrupted by the construction project and will do so during the season weather-permitting (April - October).

Scheduled water main replacement projects for 2019* include:

  • Algonac between Lappin and Manning (District 3)
  • Ardmore from Intervale to Lyndon (District 7)
  • Beaverland between Sawyer and Tireman (District 7)
  • Britain from Cadieux to McKinney (District 4)
  • Cornerstone Village neighborhood - various streets (District 4)
  • Grand River from Bretton to Marene** (District 1)
  • Lahser between Seven and Eight Mile (District 1)
  • Mark Twain from Fenkell to Lyndon (District 1)
  • McKinney between Grayton and Morang (District 4)
  • Marlowe from Grand River to Chalfonte (District 1)
  • Oakman between Joy and Grand River (District 7)
  • East Outer Drive from Dequindre to Conley (District 3)
  • McNichols between Schaefer and James Couzens (District 2)
  • North Rosedale Park neighborhood - various streets (District 1)
  • Prevost from Pembroke to Seven Mile (District 2)
  • Robson between Curtis and Seven Mile (District 2)
  • Rutherford from Pembroke to Seven Mile  (District 2)
  • Stansbury between Outer Drive and Curtis (District 2)
  • Tireman from Greenfield to Hubbell (District 7)
  • West Warren between Parkland and Heyden (District 7)
  • Whitcomb from Outer Drive to Curtis (District 2)
  • Whitehill between Grayton and Morang (District 4)

*For construction updates, check back on this page.
**Part of an MDOT streetscape project planned for summer 2019.

DWSD is continuing to renew the sewer system in the Jefferson Chalmers neighborhood as part of a project which began in 2018. Also, DWSD crews will be across the city conducting preventative maintenance, including inspecting and cleaning 10,000 catch basins to reduce street flooding.