Water Assistance Programs

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) and our community partners offer the following Water Assistance Programs for eligible households. 

Bill payments ensures DWSD can provide the water and sewer services, and support infrastructure upgrades (we receive no general fund city dollars). Those who have the ability to pay should pay your past due balance -- please do so online, by phone at 313-267-8000, or at a DivDat kiosk. Or, you may enroll in a payment plan arrangement by logging into your account online or calling 313-267-8000 if your name is on the DWSD account. If you name is not on the account and you want to update it, call 313-267-8000 or email [email protected].

WRAP, the Water Residential Assistance Program

Residential water customers who are at or below 200% of the federal poverty level (for example, a maximum annual household income of $52,400 for a family of four) are eligible to apply for financial assistance through the WRAP.  As long as you meet the income qualifications and provide the required identification and documents, you may apply for the WRAP. Whether you have delinquent water bills or are current with your bills but struggle in paying on time, you are encouraged to apply.

During a 12-month period, WRAP will:

  • Provide a $25 credit toward your monthly bill for 12 months (a total of $300);
  • Freeze your past due amount (if you are behind on your DWSD water and sewer payments) for 12 months upon successful adherence to the payment plan;
  • Apply up to $350 credit toward your past due amount after your first month of enrollment and an additional $350 after 12 consecutive months of enrollment;
  • Conduct a water conservation audit if your household water usage exceeds 20% of the average household water consumption in the city which may include $1,500, on average, in water conservation and minor home plumbing repairs; and
  • Offer an additional 12 months (no more than 24 months total per household) if you remain eligible that will include the $25 monthly bill credit and financial assistance toward arrears up to $700 (if you continue to have an outstanding past due balance).


WRAP is part of the agreement which created the Great Lakes Water Authority that earmarks 0.5% of the budgeted operating revenue annually toward a financial assistance program for the region for the next 40 years, beginning in 2016. WRAP was designed in large part by the Blue Ribbon Panel on Affordability which was commissioned by Detroit City Council in October 2015. The Blue Ribbon Panel on Affordability included public water utility experts from New Orleans and the Midwest and local Detroit community leaders. A program expansion to increase income eligibility to 200% of the federal poverty level and increase minor plumbing repairs was approved and became effective as of July 1, 2020.

DWSD 10/30/50 Payment Plan

The 10/30/50 Plan was developed by the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) for Detroit residents and businesses that experience difficulty in paying past due water and sewerage bills. There are no income restrictions to qualify. The plan affirms DWSD’s commitment to assist our customers with a payment plan that provides solutions to avoid service interruption.

Eligibility requirements to enroll:

  • The account must be in the resident’s or business’s name;
  • Customer makes a down payment of 10%, 30% or 50% of the past due balance:
    • Percentage is based on the number of payment plans the customer entered in the last 18 months; first time is 10%, second time 30%, third time or more 50%;
  • The balance of the past due amount is equally spread over a 6-24 month period which the customer pays in addition to the normal monthly bill (months are determined by the balance owed); and
  • All payments must be made in full and on time to stay in the plan.

You may apply for the DWSD 10/30/50 Plan online through the Customer Care Portal or call DWSD at 313-267-8000. If you are not registered on the Customer Care Portal, watch this video to learn how to register. If your name is not on your account, please call 313-267-8000.

Wayne County Veterans Financial Hardship Services

Veterans may obtain financial assistance through the Wayne County Financial Hardship Services Program using Wayne County Soldiers & Sailors Relief and Michigan Veteran Trust Funds. Assistance may be granted to honorably discharged indigent wartime veterans, their spouses, and dependent children to meet their immediate needs. Visit the Wayne County Veterans page for further detail or call 313-224-5045.


The Water Access Volunteer Effort (WAVE) Fund provides assistance to low-income families during a crisis by ensuring uninterrupted access to safe drinking water and sanitation services. When funds are available, WAVE provides the deposit up to $500 to enter the DWSD 10/30/50 Payment Plan. Apply at 313-267-8000 as long as funds are available.

MDHHS State Emergency Relief Program

Up to $175 per year in assistance is available to qualifying low-income households. Call 2-1-1 or go to www.michigan.gov/mdhhs

COVID Emergency Rental Assistance (CERA)*

CERA was launched with federal funds during the COVID-19 Pandemic to assist renters and landlords. For utility payments you may be eligible for $1,500 - $2,500 per tenant household based on the number of people. The program is available for a limited time. Apply now by using the Wayne Metro universal application at WayneMetro.org/WRAP.

Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP)*

Similar to LIHEAP for electric and gas bills, this new federally-funded pilot program will provide up to $650 per household for your water bill. The program is available for a limited time. Apply now by using the Wayne Metro universal application at WayneMetro.org/WRAP.

Michigan Homeowner Assistance Fund (MIHAF)*

Up to $25,000 to homeowners for mortgage, land contract, past due taxes, and utility bills (water assistance is a portion of the $25,000). The program is available for a limited time. Apply now by using the Wayne Metro universal application at WayneMetro.org/WRAP.


*These programs are only available for a limited time

Other Assistance Partners