Protect the Pipes

The Detroit Water and Sewerage Department (DWSD) provides ways to protect the pipes -- both private and public infrastructure. Learn what you can do in your home or business, and what DWSD is doing to maintain and upgrade the public water and sewer pipes.


Keep grease out of pipes

Dispose grease properly

Never pour fats, oils, or grease down your drain -- it can build up and create blockages and backups. Empty it into a container. Learn the Dos & Don'ts of fats, oils, and grease for residential customers and restaurants/commercial businesses.


Flushable Wipes don't flush

Toss wipes in the trash can

DO NOT flush wipes in toilets. Flushing wipes of any kind, even "flushable" ones, can cause a backup in your sewer line. Only flush pee, toilet paper and poop.


Protect your wallet check for leaks

Check for leaks and running toilets

A leaky pipe can add hundreds of dollars to your water bill. A running toilet wastes several hundred gallons of water in just one hour.


Check real-time water usage

Check your real-time water usage.

Closely monitor usage using the Customer Self-Service Portal. When usage rises, you could have a leak. Your name must be on your DWSD account to get access to the portal. If you need to add your name to your account, call 313-267-8000.


Snake your sewer line yearly

Snake your sewer line yearly

Watch DWSD Tips for Homeowner Sewer Line Maintenance and download this Plumbing Tips for Sewer Backups document.


Replacing Lead Service Lines


Click here to learn more about our Lead Service Line Replacement Program, confirm if you have a lead service line, and place your home on the replacement wait list.


Cleaning Public Sewer Pipes Reduce Flooding


 Visit DWSD Sewer System Upgrades webpage and view upcoming projects.


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